Best platforms to watch live sports

Live sports can be seen on various channels and on the internet as well. You must know about these streaming platforms if you are a true sports fan.

Sports channels are basically the channels on which we can see live sports and when no live sports are going on, they broadcast sports-related stuff like sports news and programs which the viewers love to watch.

Many cable TV service providers offer live sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN, etc. but only a few offer economic and reliable services.

Some cable TV service providers like Spectrum even offer a streaming app, which you can use on any smart device. If you want other entertainment channels along with the live sports channel and streaming app, you can go for Spectrum. Multiple plans come with different channel lineups and you can pick any plan that suits your needs and budget. Go to google and type a phrase like Spectrum cable near me to simply check the serviceability of Spectrum in your area. If Spectrum isn’t available, opt for another cable TV service provider or go for a streaming service.

We are going to tell you all the best channels where you can enjoy your favorite sports. A few of the most checked out sporting activities channels are:

  • NFL Network
  • NFL Red zone
  • ESPN+

Why should I go for a streaming service?

In the old times, you had to sit in front of the TV and wait so much to watch your favorite films, shows, sports, or even news. However, with the modern streaming services, you can watch your favorite shows as well as sports anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection, a smart device, and a subscription to a streaming platform.

There are many perks that you get with streaming services. Cable TV services are more expensive and aren’t as flexible as streaming services.

With the increasing technology, many people are switching over to streaming services. Streaming services are less expensive than cable TV services and offer you more flexibility.

You do not get all the functions with the streaming services but still, if you are not a big fan of watching TV, you are most likely to enjoy streaming services. There are different internet streaming platforms where you can watch live football. If you want to watch your favorite sports, the following are the best streaming platforms that broadcast live sports. There is a list of pros and cons of each as well.


With the LaoLa1.TV, you can stream the matches completely free all around the globe. You get the DVR option as well, which implies that you can videotape and can enjoy it later. So, even if you are busy, you can record any match, and you will certainly never ever miss out on any good stuff.

With the basic subscription, the content is totally free yet the membership will cost you around $5 as well as you will certainly be obtaining additional attributes like the capability to rewind and view in top HD quality.

Live Soccer TV

If you are a soccer follower, Live Soccer TV is most likely to be a fantastic thing for you. You can stream live matches on your TV, online, mobile apps, and radio as well. You get updated with the minute-to-minute live scores, match statistics, commentary and also get notifications for your favorite teams in different matches. It does not give access to any illegal link streams. The best part is that it’s totally free, and you can enjoy your favorite sport by just registering.


ESPN+ is another online sports streaming platform that will certainly supply you with a vast range of sports streams. You can download the ESPN+ application on Android or IOS devices.

You can pick a free or premium package according to your requirements. High-quality streaming is available for both your web and mobile devices. You can also download and install the app on your smart TV stream sports on the big screen. You will not be getting all the big games; however, you will get the best live sports content.

Other Platforms

There are some other streaming platforms like Hulu Survive on which you can have access to, for not only the local regular channels together, but also the sports networks like Fox, CBS, and NBC. It can be watched on your smart devices and laptops as well.

Summing it up

All the streaming solutions offer incredible advantages, yet each streaming service has its own disadvantages. If several individuals in your house are doing streaming, you may deal with problems regarding the speed. If the speed goes down, you won’t be able to stream, or perhaps if you’ll be streaming, you’ll face problems related to the picture quality. Getting a cable TV connection would certainly be a better option than watching sports online, if you don’t have a reliable internet connection or if there are multiple users.