How can AngularJS Boost Your Business?

AngularJS is one of the most popular front-end development technologies in the tech world today. Using AngularJS, the developers can build all the interactive elements of an application. The main objective behind developing AngularJS was to help the developers build effective single-page applications.

Big-ticket names like Paypal, Udemy, Amazon, Gmail, and Netflix have used AngularJS to build their websites and apps. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a top-notch web or mobile application, then you can consider AngularJS development.

How does AngularJS Bring Success To Your Business?

We have outlined the prime benefits of using AngularJS for web or mobile app development from a business perspective.

Clear code

One of the major advantages that dedicated AngularJS developers have is that they are able to write clear code. How?

Well, AngularJS is a framework that is built with Typescript. Now Typescript is a robustly-typed language, and hence it allows the talented AngularJS coders to keep the code neat and clean. The cleaner the code, the better it is for your business organization, as the app’s performance depends a lot on the robustness and clarity of the code written.

A clear code helps the developers to fix bugs easily. AngularJS allows remote developers to spot and eradicate the errors when they type. So this saves the time and effort required to compile the code and then find out the errors.

With angular, it is easier to manage and maintain a large codebase. This feature proves to be a huge advantage for enterprise-level projects. Typescript has great features like navigation, autocomplete, type inferring, and refactoring.

Understand that the inherent ability of AngularJS does not guarantee a clean code. You need to hire top AngularJS development companies to ensure that the code is clean.


Angular is the technology that developers look up to when they think about functionality. Angular offers the developers out-of-the-box functionality. AngularJS provides the developers with routing tools so that they can fetch the data they plan to add to the app.

Apart from the routing tools, AngularJS also provides a pre-configured environment that takes care of development and testing.

With AngularJS framework, the developers do not need to integrate third-party libraries for building the basic functions of the product. The AngularJS library is more than enough for building the basic functions. The great out-of-the-box functionality that AngularJS provides helps you to control the development costs.


AngularJS solves the issue of maintainability in two ways. First is by using TypeScript and the second way is by focusing on testability. Typescript allows the developers to find bugs when they code the app.

The developers can quickly get acquainted with Typescript. The dedicated AngularJS developers can easily see the type of data that moves through the application.

AngularJS comes with a dependency injection feature. The dependency injection feature of AngularJS improves the testability of the framework as it makes writing a test very easy. The framework also includes supportProtractor, a feature that enables end-to-end testing.

AngularJS has a feature that allows the AngularJS development agencies to update all the packages related to AngularJS immediately when they upgrade to the latest AngularJS version. The AngularJS developers can also update using a single command without wasting time.


Inconsistency in coding not only delays the product launch but also increases the development costs. Apart from these issues, inconsistent coding issues can also wreak havoc in terms of the bugs generated in the product.

AngularJS helps the developers build consistent code. A consistent code helps the developers build applications that are easy to use. This, in turn, improves the user experience, boosting the engagement rate of the application.

A consistent code has a cascading effect on productivity. The developers of AngularJS do not have to invest their time in figuring out what a component or a function does as AngularJS takes care of it all.

The AngularJS code has high readability, and this feature of AngularJS makes it easy for the new developers to easily understand an ongoing project. AngularJS also organizes codes into modules. These modules allow for lazy loading, a feature that enables loading the app features in the background.

With AngularJS, the project managers can segregate the project across different teams while keeping the code organized. The modules allow the AngularJS development companies to achieve a high level of productivity.

Fast development

One of the major advantages of the AngularJS framework is the availability of angular material. In short, angular material is a set of well-tested and ready-to-implement UI(User Interface) modules and components.

The angular material follows the material design principles by Google and has a wide range of UI components like form controls, buttons, navigation patterns, and indicators. The components are modified to work seamlessly with browsers.

The modules make development pretty fast as the developers do not need to reinvent the wheel. Using the modules, the skilled Angularjs developers can add new elements to the app quickly without hindering the app’s performance. HTML is used to define the UI of the app as HTML is believed to be one of the more declarative and intuitive programming languages compared to JavaScript.

Modules allow the AngularJS development agency to save the time they would have unnecessarily wasted in developing new components. The less number of developer hours wasted translates into less development cost.

Less coding and easy unit testing

The AngularJS framework is embedded with the MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture setup. The angular framework does not ask the developers to dissect the app into separate MVC components. Instead, the MVC architecture demands that the angular developers simply divide the app.

In essence, the MVC architecture facilitates less coding and enables the apps to perform faster. Apart from performance, less coding also translates into a lesser number of developer hours and thus reducing the cost of building the app.

One of the major benefits of AngularJS is that it allows talented developers to build highly testable websites and apps. In AngularJS, the components are independent of each other. This feature of AngularJS makes the unit testing process very easy in AngularJS apps.

Easy testing empowers AngularJS developers to build robust apps and websites that will perform well in the market.

Lightweight applications

In earlier versions of AngularJS, the large bundle size posed an issue and caused the slow loading of applications. The latest versions of AngularJS have confronted this issue in the following manner.

Lazy load modules

Modules are logical elements that allow AngularJS developers to build an application quickly. The developers can use lazy-load modules to display the various app components based on the location of the user in the application. The lazy-load modules help improve the performance of the apps as they reduce the size of the initially-loaded application.

Ivy renderer

A renderer is an engine that translates the instructions written by the developer for DOM. The DOM(Document Object Model) is a web page interface that helps the angularjs programmers control page content, style, and structure of the application. The ivy rendering also allows the experienced angularjs developers to make small bundles. These small bundles speed up the application significantly.

Thus lazy-load modules combined with Ivy renderers help the expert AngularJS developers build lightweight applications. It is important to keep your application lightweight as it helps to improve user engagement.

AngularJS is good for business

AngularJS is one of those few development technologies that can work effectively with various back-end languages after combining business logic and UI.

With AngularJS, the entrepreneurs can expect a robust and cost-efficient framework that will let them build products that can win the hearts of their users.

The best web developers today use AngularJS for their front-end development needs due to the various advantages that the framework provides.