How to Take Screenshot on Chromebook?

Let us begin with the method to take a full screenshot on Chromebook. To take a screenshot of the entire screen of your Chromebook covering everything –

  1. Press Ctrl + Switch Window, simultaneously. You will find the Switch Window button on the topmost row resembling a rectangle with two lines
  2. when you are done pressing both the keys, you will be able to see the thumbnail of your screenshot appearing in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap on that thumbnail and you will be directed to the downloads folder where all of the screenshots that you take are stored by default. Now you can access screenshots there offline.
  4. The screenshot which you took will be tagged with the date and the time it was shot.

How to Capture a Specific Portion of Screen?

If you want to capture only a specific part of screen on your Chromebook, then try these steps.

  1. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift keys simultaneously with the Switch Window button.
  2. You will see the screen dim and the cursor will turn into a crosshair. You have to use that crosshair and start holding down on the touchpad or mouse from the corner of your desired capture area.
  3. Use your mouse and your finger to drag the cursor across the screen to choose the capture area that you wish to take a screenshot of and lift your finger to capture the screen.
  4. Just like this full screenshot, this capture will be stored in downloads folder by default and will be labeled as the date and time by Chromebook OS

Apps to Take Screenshot on Chromebook

If you see the built-in screenshot commands of Chrome OS insipid, you can find screenshot apps for Chromebook to capture the screen that are available on Chrome’s Web Store.

1. Fireshot

With Fireshot you can capture the entire page and then edit and save them to multiple formats including PDF, GIF, JPEG and PNG. Besides, it lets you print, upload and send the screenshot to OneNote and email.

2. LightShot

Lightshot is a great screenshot app for Chromebook and pretty easy to use. You just have to drag and drop the selection of screenshots from your desired area of screen. You can then edit and send it to the Cloud.

3. Awesome Screenshot

As the name says, Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture screenshots as well as the videos. It is a powerful screenshot app for Chromebook and lets you share the screen capture and screen recording.

How to Copy Screenshot in Chromebook

As the screenshots cannot be saved to the clipboard automatically, what you have to do to copy them is tap on the Copy to Clipboard button which appears with a thumbnail when you take a screenshot. Then click on Ctrl + V to paste it

How to Edit the Screenshot on Chromebook

As you have seen the ways to take screenshots on Chromebook entirely and partially, you may as well want to learn how to edit them. To do that you first have to know that Chrome OS features a built-in image editor with help of which you can edit the screen capture however you want.

  1. Choose Images/Downloads by clicking on Files folder icon on the shelf.
  2. Double-click on the screenshot which you wish to edit and it will open in the image viewer.
  3. Go to the Pen icon in the top-right corner to start editing.
  4. You will find options for cropping, rotation, and brightness in a toolbar at the bottom.
  5. Once you have finished editing, tap on the Pen icon to approve your edits or simply select Exit.
  6. You can copy the edited image manually and if you wish to keep the original one since you will not be able to save the copies of images in this editor.


Taking screenshots is an easy and a real quick task. However, in Chromebook, you have got multiple ways to take screenshots including extensions. Hopefully, these simple ways will not only help you capture the screenshot but also chisel it with edits. Hope this article is helpful for you and solves all your problem.