The Benefits Of Automated Cross Browser Testing

In the last few years cross browser testing is an important facet of a business to be stay ahead of their competitors. It makes sure that websites and web functions perform efficiently across various browser versions and types. If you are developing a new website or an app, you cannot afford to ignore cross browser testing tool.

The advantages of automated browser testing

The size of a website has no relevance; web applications along with websites would derive clear benefits by adopting an automated browser testing approach. Let us explore some of the benefits of the same.

Test execution in a simultaneous manner leads to faster execution results

One of the major challenges confronting automation is scalability. It is necessary to execute various types of tests across different browsers. The different versions , platforms, devices or operating system makes it a time consuming and a tedious task. What really compounds matter is that every time a new build requires testing the responsibility lies with the testing team to be running all those tests over different combination of browsers all over again.

If you leverage mitigation you may easily overcome this challenge.  An automated browser testing would help it to run quickly and parallel tests are necessary across all combinations that results in faster delivery.

Superior test coverage

As discussed earlier a major cause of concern with cross browser testing is execution and further re- execution of tests across various  combination of devices, platforms and browsers. Often the testing team is short and due to lack of time they may be forced to skip some combinations.

If you leverage automation testing, this drawback may be quickly eliminated. An example is if you need to run a 30 minute test spread across 15 browser combinations, and only 4 hours is there. Then the best option would be automation as by simultaneous test execution things can be done fairly and quickly.

Savings in terms of money and time

A cross browser test would require mundane and repetitive tests that may turn out to be a boring and time – consuming task if done manually. When you identify and automate all the common tests, it has to be repeated across various browser combinations. Not only you are going to save time but reasonable return on investment is also provided.

Test results turn out to be accurate

Taking things at face value even the experienced testers may lose out on issues due to momentary concentration lapses or a shift in focus. By the process of automation you would be able to avoid any form of errors. It may lead to an improvement in test accuracy as an automation tool is free from human emotions that would result in boredom , stress or fatigue.

With fewer resources more testing is possible

It could turn out to be a general benefit with any form of test automation. But it would be applicable to other browser tests. When you are using test automation for dealing with cross compatibility tests, you are going to require less number of testers as when required at a manual level. This would be of help in faster test execution which is not only beneficial but saves time along with money.

To sum up things running cross browsing is not only to ensure that the website or web apps is running in the perfect condition, but you need to take out the guess work from the process of web development. Numerous types of browsers are possible with an insane number of combinations. But with an automated browser testing solutions can be found in all cases.