5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Companies Must Avoid

Do you remember the last time you came across an advertisement or a hoarding display? These methods of marketing still exist, but one might not see much of them. The conventional marketing strategies were lucrative a decade ago as businesses and companies were not aware of other marketing techniques or trends. Digital marketing dates back to the 1990s where only a few multinational companies were enjoying its benefit. With the access and availability of the internet and vast information, the business industry began to evolve rapidly. We have seen a boost in the marketing strategies of businesses since they started investing in digital marketing.

The digital space has expanded and evolved with time. These constant changes and new trends have created a significant impact on marketing compared to the offline world. Marketing strategies are the second most influential factor for any business after finance. A company with robust finance management may still fail if it lacks effective marketing strategies.

With 4.66 billion active internet users, the marketing trends and strategies have pushed many businesses to evolve. It has become inescapable for companies to ignore the significance of online or digital marketing. Many companies have succeeded in boosting their sales by 50% with their effective marketing strategies. Digital marketing can be a daunting task if you are new to it. You may face several roadblocks before gaining results. The following marketing mistakes are common, and one shall try avoiding these to streamline their marketing strategies.

  1. Minimal SEO Approach

When it comes to online or digital marketing, a business cannot move ahead without improving its search engine optimization. With more than 2 billion blog posts on the internet every day, it is no less than a challenge to stand out. Many businesses and companies rely on sitemap generator tools to let Google know about the pages and files that are important to them. These tools serve as a blueprint for their company website and help them redesign or update their web pages. Attracting organic traffic to a site is only possible if they shift their focus on content optimization.

According to a survey, 93% of online experiences stem from search engines. A marketing campaign may soon collapse if it lacks the detailed orientation of SEO. From using the right kind of keywords to ensuring mobile-friendliness, these factors play a significant role in boosting marketing campaigns.

  1. Ignoring The Customer’s Need

Money and customers are the bloodlines of any business or company. Failure to generate enough customers may disrupt the influx and cash outflow, leading the business towards a downfall. A significant percentage of customers survey or research a product online before making a purchase. Customers look for the solutions to their problems and hunt for a product that seems fit to their needs. Instead of promoting a product, a marketing strategy must involve the benefits of a product that a customer will enjoy. Businesses that address their customer’s needs and pain points tend to generate 4-8% more revenue than those that don’t.

A digital marketing strategy will be fruitless if it fails to analyze the current situation through surveys or feedback. Ignoring the analysis or not identifying the customer’s need will affect the revenue and number of potential customers in the longer run.

  1. Not Identifying The Target Audience

It is another common mistake that many new marketers come across. Imagine promoting a product on pages or platforms that aren’t relevant to your offering. It will not generate any result because the target audience or the customers will ignore anything irrelevant to their interest. Determining your target audience helps to achieve the marketing goals set for a business. Understanding the customer helps in generating the content that resonates with your customer’s need.

For an effective marketing strategy, it is vital to ensure buyers’ persona. Startup owners or entrepreneurs often believe that casting a wide net will help reach more customers, but the reality differs. It will be useless if you aren’t attracting potential customers and only spending vast amounts on marketing. 90% of businesses with buyers’ persona have managed to achieve a clear understanding of their customers, leading to effective marketing campaigns.

  1. Campaign Without Strategy

We rely on maps or guides when visiting a new country as it helps us identify our destination or the route that we need to take. Many businesses or new owners often commit this mistake of initiating a marketing campaign without a defined structure and strategy. It often leads to roadblocks that become difficult to manage, scale, and measure. Having a marketing campaign strategy makes it easy to keep track of changes that you need to make. It also facilitates in highlighting the shortcomings. With defined tools, architectures, and realistic targets, 32% of marketers have a content strategy for their marketing campaigns. This percentage highlights that many business owners commit the mistake of campaigning and investing without a plan.

  1. Delaying Data Evaluation

Every business requires some ground to plan its strategies and project its future goals. Budding companies often overlook the need to evaluate their audience metrics, gathering data, and understanding them. Even if a business is launching its first marketing campaign, the data derived from that campaign can identify the right target audience. Evaluation of data is an influential factor in improvising your marketing strategies, leading to a robust return on investments through your campaigns.


Digital marketing can be a minefield for those new to it. Marketing strategies and campaigns have evolved, and they are constantly changing. A Forrester report predicts that digital marketing spending will reach $146 billion by the year 2023. Digital marketing efforts are playing a substantial role in attracting and engaging consumers. Approximately 59% of the global population are active internet users meaning that you can cover a significant portion of your target audience online through your marketing campaigns. Mistakes and roadblocks are natural. Besides avoiding common mistakes that can alter your campaign’s result, it is vital to approach one step at a time with consistency. Doing so will help you understand your tactics and strategies in detail.