7 YouTube Video Marketing Tips from an Experienced Corporate Video Production Company

While the YouTube fandom is ways behind Facebook and Twitter, its impact cannot be denied. Every day, at least one billion hours’ worth of videos are streamed through this platform.

This is why businesses—even government departments—should try to create engaging videos.

But how, you ask?

Well, all you need to do is follow these seven tips from the Dream Engine corporate video production company.

Keep the Video Short Yet Engaging

Dream Engine, a Melbourne video production company, has created a lot of videos throughout the years. Based on experience, they know it’s best to keep the video short.

For one, it’s better at sustaining attention. Most stop watching at the one-minute mark, so you need to get them hooked right away.

That said, it’s best to keep the video duration to about ten minutes. Reports show that those lasting in the middle range—seven to 15 minutes—fare best on the platform.

Make Mobile-Friendly Videos

Three out of four people watch videos on their mobile devices. This is why the experts from www.dreamengine.com.au recommend optimizing your video for mobile viewing.

The first step is to create a square video. It takes up 78% of the feed, which should make your video stand out in Australia and the rest of the world.

It also helps to add large, legible text. You have to compensate for this because your viewer is using a small screen.

It’s also important to preview your video before you even plan on publishing it.

First, watch it on mute. Many just scroll through their feed, so you want your preview to stand out.

Next, watch it on your mobile device. If it’s visually engaging on your end, it means that it’s good enough for the rest of Australia.

Video SEO is Vital for Your Business

If you own a couple of websites, then you’re familiar with search engine optimization. It’s all about improving your content so that it ranks higher in search engines.

The same concept applies to videos. Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine, trailing its parent company and web giant, Google.

If you want more people to sign up for your videos, then make sure to follow these SEO tips from Dream Engine Melbourne:

  • Like the video, keep the title short. Only the first 60 characters will appear on the search, so make the most out of it. Make sure to include the hottest keywords from the YouTube keyword tool.
  • Add keywords. Apart from using them on the title, remember to incorporate these keywords in the video description.
  • Use keyword tags. These will help users find your videos.
  • Build links. As with web SEO, links can boost your presence on YouTube.
  • Add a video sitemap. Similar to websites, a video sitemap will help search engines index your content better.

Showcase Your Video Content

As mentioned, people have a short attention span. So apart from having an eye-catching title, Dream Engine recommends stating the critical points in your video.

To do this, you could provide a synopsis of your presentation. Three to four points are enough. Use this as an opportunity to tell your viewers about the benefits of watching your video.

Another option is to transcribe your videos. This will allow your clients to skim through the content. Better yet, this will help engines index your account.

Optimize Your Video For More Conversions

While having a lot of subscribers is good, getting conversions is better for your business. To achieve this, Dream Engine often tells their Melbourne clients to put a clear call to action.

What do you want your clients to do? Sign up for training or download a plan? Whatever that might be, you need to tell them what the next step is.

You can convey your CTA through the speaker. You can also embed a link at the end of the presentation.

It’s also good to offer incentives. Discounts or giveaways will undoubtedly lead to more conversions.

Also, remember to give your clients various options. Some may opt to receive emails, while some may prefer to fill up forms online.

It’s best to have all bases covered.

Engage With Your Customers

You don’t want to ignore the comments or questions below your video. If you want to improve conversions or boost video viewership, you need to engage with your clients.

It’s as simple as responding or acknowledging these posts. Since it’s good to reply ASAP, Dream Engine recommends hiring somebody to look after your YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Analyze Your Video

Say you’re already racking 100,000 views. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 200,000?

If you want more people to follow your account, then you need to do some analysis. Good thing there’s YouTube or Google Analytics program to help you out with this.

Here, you can check the stats to see what’s okay and which areas need improvement.

Want to boost your YouTube viewership? Then make sure to hire Dream Engine, an expert Melbourne video production company.

Founded in 2002, Dream Engine has helped create several viral YouTube videos in Australia. With their expertise, they can make the engaging video that your business needs.