2023 an updated deep dive into MENA broker ADSS

When it comes to picking a broker, it can be a daunting experience, as there are so many available. This means traders need to do their research before picking a suitable brokerage firm for them. One such broker is ADSS, a MENA-based brokerage firm that has won plenty of industry awards. Keep reading below to learn more about it.

An overview of ADSS

ADSS is an award-winning GCC-based brokerage firm that provides traders with the highest quality investment opportunities and the most rewarding trading experience. This is due to its multi-asset trading technology, a personalised view of the markets, access to liquidity and instruments, and support from the broker’s experienced, highly qualified team.

As one of the only brokerages headquartered in the GCC region, ADSS operates in the UAE as well as the UK. As such, the broker is regulated by the SCA in the UAE and the FCA in the UK. As a responsible brokerage firm, they are committed to offering traders a competitive, fair and transparent trading environment.

ADSS trading accounts

ADSS offers a few different types of trading accounts for traders to choose from. This means whether someone is new to trading or a seasoned professional, the broker’s trading accounts should still suit all needs and experience levels. Keep reading below to learn more about them.


ADSS’ Classic account tier is ADSS’ standard live account tier for traders. It requires a $100 minimum initial deposit, with competitive market spreads. It also has 500:1 maximum leverage along with 24/5 support from specialists. There are also training and educational courses so traders can improve their skills and strategies in the long term.


The second live account tier is the Elite account tier. It requires a $100,000 minimum initial deposit, with 25% lower spreads. It has a 500:1 maximum leverage, and a dedicated senior account manager to help traders keep an eye on their trades. It also offers +Elite events, as well as multi-base currency.

Elite +

The third live account tier for traders is the Elite + account tier, which is ADSS’ highest live trading account tier. It requires a $250,000 minimum initial deposit and provides ultra-low spreads. Aside from offering everything already in the Classic and Elite accounts, it also provides a sales trader along with a dedicated senior account manager, so traders can get more advice when it comes to making their trades.

Demo account

Aside from a live account, ADSS also provides a demo account for traders looking to improve their trading skills before accessing the live markets. While the two account types are similar, a demo account allows for paper trading in a simulated environment. This means there is no risk for monetary losses, but no monetary gains as well. This makes them a great way for traders to improve their trading skills and strategies without fearing any losses. With ADSS, a free account is available through MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – traders only need to register an account with the broker. ADSS will also provide simulated trading with US$50,000 of virtual money to get started, and traders can experience live spreads and prices on a wide range of currency pairs and markets.

How to fund trading accounts

ADSS gives traders many ways to fund their trading accounts. This includes traditional methods such as bank wire transfers, credit cards and online bank transfers. ADSS also allows other digital methods such as digital payment platforms like Neteller, Skirll, and Cash U – recently they have even introduced Samsung and Apple Pay as funding methods. Additionally, the brokerage firm is the only broker in the UAE that offers funding via UAEPGS, which is the transfer payment gateway from the Central Bank of the UAE. Traders can request to withdraw funds via the same options. This means funding and withdrawing accounts are incredibly smooth and easy to do.

Educational resources

Aside from trading opportunities, ADSS further offers educational resources to traders who are looking to improve and become better traders. According to ADSS’ official website, the broker vows to provide traders with all the help, guidance, and resources needed to reach their trading potential. Below are a few types of educational resources ADSS provides to traders – all of which can be accessed through their official website.

Platform guide

For those looking to use ADSS’ bespoke trading platform, they can check out the broker’s platform user guide for more details on how to use it. The guides can be found on ADSS’ official website, under the ‘Learn’ tab. Topics that the guide covers include how to navigate the trading platform, how to place a market order, how to close a position, how to place and edit a working order, and more. The platform guides are straightforward and to the point, and they are accompanied by screenshots to make their points easier to understand.


ADSS also provides a financial glossary for traders to check out on their website. This glossary lists popular and key terms that generally come up in the financial industry as well as their definitions, such as ‘asset’, ‘at the money’, ‘appreciation’, ‘equities’, and more. The terms are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier for traders to read through. This way, they can have a better understanding of what each term means and focus more on trading instead of spending time looking them up. The glossary is bilingual in both English and Arabic, which is great for traders whose first language may not be English.

Video Library

For those who may be more visually inclined, they have the option of checking out ADSS’ video library. The video library is part of a 10-part video course mainly geared toward new investors, although seasoned traders can still make use of it and brush up their trading skills. Some topics that these videos go over include what moves the market price, the foundations of forex, how to read a basic trading chart, anintroduction to technical analysis, how to start a simple strategy, and more. This is a fantastic way for traders to quickly improve their trading experience and optimise their strategies.

How to trade

ADSS also has a blog that introduces the concept of trading to potential clients. These articles cover all the basics from how to trade stocks and forex, to the difference between technical and fundamental analysis, getting started with MT4, a guide to trading commodities, and more. This is a quick and easy way for traders to learn more about trading, and the different types of markets available. The articles are also bilingual, in both English and Arabic.