How Edtech Companies are taking over education industry

Edtech Companies fueled up especially after the Covid-19 pandemic when the world saw major growth in online teaching and learning. It is contributing a lot towards the success of the education industry by providing platforms that the teachers and students can make use of. Edtech Simply means integrating technology in education so that teachers can teach simply by making use of innovation in the classroom.

As technology is progressing more and more every sector is adopting its use and trying to make their work easier. Similarly, we can say that technology is the biggest boon for the education sector where it had made the lives of educators and learners easy.

There are many Edtech startups that are successfully contributing to the education sector. On the other hand, the Edtech companies that are already established are creating an online education platform where students can learn feasibly.

The demand for such platforms is rising constantly as online learning is being adopted on a global level.

The traditional education approach could not fulfill all the requirements and have some downsides that online education can overcome easily. For instance, a traditional approach requires an individual to travel and attend their classes whereas the same is not required in an online approach.

So, keeping in mind such upsides of online education, many Edtech companies decided to come up with their own learning and teaching platforms. They created websites, apps, free courses for students to learn and that too at their own pace.

For teachers, they came up with many online teaching platform that help them connect with their potential learners and teach them by earning a great income.

Now to further see the contribution and scope of an Edtech company in the education industry, let’s take a look at some of the facts below:

  • The Edtech sector is the most funded sector in 2020.
  • The New Education Policy in India focuses on integrating Edtech in schools and colleges so that individuals belonging to the disadvantaged groups can take its benefits. Also, the online educational content will be made available in all the regional languages so that students can learn regardless of any language barrier.
  • There are a total of around 4,450 Edtech companies in India which is huge as they successfully continue to contribute to the education sector.
  • An online report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India states that the covid-19 pandemic has proved to be the biggest game-changer for the Edtech sector of India.
  • As per the same report, it is observed that the number of e-learners belonging to k-12 has seen an immense rise from 45 million to 90 million which is double the rate.
  • Lastly, the Edtech market is going to boom In India further as it will grow at a rate of 3.5 Billion by the year 2022 and for the latter years as well.

The above-mentioned facts show the dominance of Edtech companies in the education sector.

Now let us look at how Edtech is giving a hand to the teachers and students in the education sector:

24/7 Access to Learning

By making use of Edtech, students can access their educational content 24/7. If they opt for a social learning network or any learning platform then it will allow students to access, download and view their course contents anytime they want to.

This provides opportunity to learn at their own time while having total control over their learning. This is also a flexible option as students can sometimes miss their classes but watch their online lectures again hence giving them the freedom to learn flexibly.

Variety of Personalized Content

While learning in an Edtech environment, students get access to interesting and diverse learning materials. This includes short courses, e-books, presentations, etc. It also gives chance to teachers to create personalized content for their learners that will help them to understand their needs better.

Teachers create this content as per the learning need of each learner which in turn helps students to grasp their concepts efficiently.

With the combination of varied and personalized learning, it gives students the ease to learn and engage with their studies.

Technology to Enhance the learning

With the technology easily available at the fingertips, both students and teachers can easily use it as a stepping stone for their teaching and learning. Through online teaching software, teachers now can create various study resources for their students.

Not only this but they can use various apps and software for making videos, graphics, using virtual whiteboards, assign tasks, evaluate them, etc. Students on the other hand can access their study materials and complete their assignments and submit the same via these platforms and software.

Hence, technology has reduced their burdens and let them focus more on their teaching and learning.

Availability of Content On all Platforms

Edtech companies are coming up with more flexibility to let teachers and students access their content on any platform. Be it a smartphone or any other device, the user should be able to continue their teaching and learning through any medium.

They are creating a wide range of apps, websites, portals that will, first of all, connect teachers and students and allow them to collaborate with each other by carrying out their educational needs.

Online teaching Software for Teachers

Online teaching has gained maximum attention from teachers after this lock down. In such times, Edtech companies have come up with online teaching software that will benefit teachers.

This software lets teachers find their potential students and connect with them. After doing so they can easily conduct their online sessions.

Well, we can say that such platforms have a good number of learners base that are constantly searching to get connected with good educators. So via such platforms, teachers can find those students.

On the other hand, they can earn a handsome amount of money as compared to the traditional form of teaching as teachers are mostly paid on an hourly basis and the rate per hour is usually high.

This was the complete overview of the benefits of teaching and learning with an Edtech company however there are more significant aspects that they offer. As technology keeps on evolving, these companies strive to adapt accordingly and deliver the best of what they can to the education sector.

One such trending and lasting aspect is gamification. It is where these companies integrate games in the courses or other study materials to gain the attention of students and keep them interested in their learning.

The response that Gamification received was tremendous and so many other companies started to adopt this technique to keep up with the trend and to make students understand their concepts in a more fun and innovative way.


EdTech companies play a key role in the education sector and their importance cannot be neglected. The rise in online learning and the traction of students from traditional to online has resulted in the rise of these companies. With the changing times, Education and technology will go hand in hand and will change the face of the education industry.