How many people are working to develop a new iPhone?

Apple is one of the most well-known technology companies in the world. Founded by Steve Jobs, it has developed tremendously over the years. They have experienced incredible growth over time, investing money in designing products people would want to have. In 2020, Apple was the world’s largest technology company by revenue, quite an impressive title to get. Apple has a lot of customers, so it seems it is doing a lot of things right. They deliver products that are high-quality, user-friendly, and easy to use, and that meet the needs of the consumer. At the same time, they are great at making their customers loyal and they invest quite a lot of money in research and development.

Even though the first product Apple sold was a personal computer, the company has specialized in producing consumer electronics and devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, headphones, and many more. However, their most popular and affordable device is the magical iPhone. Last year, there were about 900 million active iPhones in the world, which makes it one of the most popular and wanted devices. But there are some numbers you need to know about iPhones which you will find out below.

Working on an iPhone

As writers from an essay writing service uk point out, as a consumer you do not see the struggle behind a product. You do not see real people working on building your iPhone. You just go to a shop and buy it, or even easier, you order it online. It arrives just at your front door; you unbox it and start using it. But behind an iPhone, there is an entire crew of people working to develop it.

Because technology is constantly advancing, so do the processes that stay behind the development of an iPhone. The work is shared between multiple teams, some of which work in the USA and others in China. The factories Apple has in China have raised many controversies in the past few years, especially because Chinese people are working overtime and their wages are very low. Even though the developers that work in the USA at the headquarters of the company might have very high wages, the ones that work in China have incredibly low ones. An iPhone is built by completing only 141 steps and Apple pays approximately $295 for it. And it sells it for a minimum of $700.

How Many People Are Working on an iPhone?

Apple is not usually sharing details about its policies and building processes, mainly because they are secret. Indeed, they are using great technology and impressive building techniques; they are the most valuable technology company in the world. In the past few months, a report was released to the public, following an investigation on the process of producing an iPhone.

An iPhone is made in 24 hours and ready to be delivered. It takes about 7 hours to install the software and test its quality, so there remain 17 hours for the manufacturing process. At the same time, the cost of manufacturing can sometimes be higher than that of other comparable devices because of the high quality of the process.

Some might ask themselves why is Apple still employing people in China when the whole process could be automated? We live in an era where machine learning and artificial intelligence can easily be integrated into the usual manufacturing process, especially because most of them are dull, boring, and routine.

Others might say that it is cheaper to have robots rather than humans, but from what it seems, Apple contradicts this view. It is cheaper to have human employees, especially Chinese people because they are faster. Even though Apple wants to be a technology company that is thinking about the whole production cycle and its employees, like just any other company, the profit is in the first place. And this is somehow understandable because they are so successful in what they do.

From the ABC report, we have learned that it takes 3 or 4 people to build a new iPhone. It is important to note that the administration, finance, or IT department people are not counted here. It takes four people 17 hours to assemble and build an iPhone, which is quite impressive considering the technology and design behind it.


Developing a new device and gadget takes time, research, development, testing, and so on. Even though many people would like to think that building and designing a new iPhone is easy, as the technology already exists, it takes quite some effort to do this. If an iPhone that is ready to be used is ready in 24 hours, the technology behind it takes months to be crafted. Building a smartphone that works wonders is no easy job and Apple has proved its talent to keep its customers loyal by creating an incredible product.

There still is some controversy around Apple, as it is with all big brands around the world, regarding their manufacturing factories in China or countries from the third-world. Many brands choose to build factories there because they can pay very low wages and after that sell their products at amazingly high prices.

All in all, Apple is a nice company and it should be applauded for its success to become the world’s largest technology company by revenue after the loss of Steve Jobs and the difficult moments the company went through. It is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone producer in the world, with about 900 million active iPhones last year. And these numbers are likely to grow because Apple is on an ascending slope.

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