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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Flutter App for Your Business?

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Introduction to Flutter App

Mobile apps have become ubiquitous these days and all the industry sectors are keen to leverage the benefits of mobility using seamlessly-performing apps. Advancing technology has made it possible to build a cross-platform app with a native-like experience without spending a small fortune. Out of several popular cross-platform app development platforms available, Google’s Flutter platform has gained ground swiftly among the developers and entrepreneurs alike.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that a cross-platform business app that offers the benefits of native app, enterprises should opt for Flutter. From SMEs to startups to large enterprises, Flutter app development is beneficial for all scale and size of businesses. As per the survey, Flutter can drop the mobile app development and maintenance costs up to 60{e68b7490c33b031e176c2bf33b49addad56d24bced82f0be9f22b910d6b7f66c} straight away.

What makes Flutter preferable?

Before finding the answer to the question- how much does it cost to make a Flutter business app, we will go through the factors that give an edge to this robust platform over its peers. The Flutter app development company makes the most of these features.

Here are these features-

  • Quicker app development
  • Improved access to native features
  • Excellent and appealing UI
  • An ideal choice for MVP development
  • Reduced testing efforts

All these factors make Flutter app development highly cost-effective for entrepreneurs. Developers also find this platform convenient and capable to build high-end apps.

SDK enables developers

How much does it cost me to develop the Flutter app?

Though the cross-platform app development process depends on various factors for deciding the cost of apps, here we dig deep into some of the most important factors that determine the cost.

  • App Complexity

This is one of the most important factors to consider while determining the app development cost. Mobile applications are usually categorized into low, medium, and high complexity. The complexity of apps largely depends on the number of features. The more complexity, the more time developers need to build an app. It directly results in an increase in app development cost.

Various factors like admin panel development, feature integration, third-party API integration, and deployment of the architecture model determine the app’s complexity.

  • App Categorization

Just like complexity, the mobile app can be categorized based on features and functionality. Type and number of features keep on changing while categorizing the app. For example, some apps have some functionality while other apps have some features. This feature categorization can determine the cost of apps. For example, a simple messaging app is way different than a currency converter app.

  • App Design

The app’s design has a direct relation with the impression it can make on the user’s mind. Simple yet interactive app design can work wonders and users like it more. Such a design compels users to use the app frequently. However, good design costs you high.

App Design

Design complexity, graphics, and animations are some of the key factors of mobile app design that decide the cost. Flutter has customizable widgets and other features that enable developers to build customized apps with engaging UI.

  • App Maintenance

App maintenance is necessary for every enterprise to keep the app ready to address new challenges and changing expectations of users. Also, an updated app can retain users for a long time. Most mobile app development companies consider app maintenance cost as an additional cost, and as an entrepreneur or a startup owner, you need to add the maintenance cost to your app development budget.

Flutter app development is more cost-effective than other frameworks and as the platform is highly customizable and flexible, apps built on this platform can be easily maintained and modified as per the client’s needs.

  • Backend Development

Backend acts as a backbone of the app. The frontend is related to the appearance of the app whereas the backend is responsible for the app’s performance. Backend controls the entire internal operations including app data, backups, app security, and server-side processes. Backend development also takes more time than frontend development, and therefore, it has a major role to play in determining the app development cost.

  • Hourly Rate

flutter app development costThis is also a critical factor to consider. The hourly rates of Flutter app developers are different in different countries. For example, if the US-based app developers take around $150 an hour, Indian developers charge anywhere between $30 to $80. This variation in the hourly rate can bring a big variation in the app development cost. In other words, the location of the development company is important for developing a Flutter app.

All these key factors are considered by the Flutter app development company while giving a quote based on the client’s project requirements.

Concluding Remarks

Flutter is one of the most preferred cross-platform app development platforms to date. Apart from having robust support from Google and rich libraries to build high-end enterprise apps, Flutter has a thriving community of dedicated developers who are highly enthusiastic to solve various development-related issues. It is fair to mention that Flutter has changed the landscape of mobile app development in just a short time of its release. Flutter is a cost-effective platform and reduces app development and maintenance costs significantly.

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