How To Better Your Human Resources With Modern Technology

While technology has intervened in every aspect of human and business lives, it is no surprise that technology crawled its way up to human resources as well. Technological innovation in businesses has changed a lot in the way HR functions. With features like employee work tracking, online data storage, virtual payroll processing, etc., technology has made the HR department’s work easy.

Technological advancements are very famous among youngsters. Since youngsters are the future of our country, it is necessary for the business world to adapt to automated business software in order to make HR work procedures easy for the new generation.

Technology can greatly impact the HR practices of a company if they know how to utilize it sufficiently. Technology in HR helps to automate everything and make the department more efficient.

Let us now understand what HR transformation is.

What Is HR Transformation

HR transformation, more popularly known as HR technology, is the process of converting traditional HR functions into automated ones. It includes simplifying and automating workforce payroll management solutions, attendance and leaves management, performance management, data recording, and employee work tracking.

The demand for HR technology has increased rapidly over the years since all organizations wanted to keep up with the new changes. While some enterprises use large software companies to lend a hand at their HR, some businesses migrate from old systems to new practices like SaaS (software as a service) HRMS solutions. Some companies also adopt practices like outsourcing from software businesses.

How Can Modern Technology Better Your HR

So, how can converting your HR from manual to software help you? Here is how-

Cloud Migration

With Features like cloud data storage available on HR software, companies won’t have to worry about their information storage issues. Gone are the days of stacking papers and file-keeping; data storage and access are now just a few keyboard taps away. Employees won’t have to go to HR to access company information; they can easily do it on any device compatible with their IDs.

Switching into tech HR will reduce human errors to zero since there won’t be any human intervention. This will help save the company’s money and the employees’ time. Technological switches are also sustainable because they reduce the use of paper and protect the environment.

Employee Self-service

Employees of the companies who practice traditional HR have to talk to their HR department in order for them to connect with their superiors for them to assign tasks. HR acts as a bridge between the two. Thus, HR employees are often seen as overwhelmed with work projects, due to which they get confused and cause errors.

Thanks to HR tech’s self-help feature, these tasks have become a cakewalk for employees. Superiors can now directly assign tasks to them via software, and employees, at the end of each day, submit their work there itself. In addition to this, it becomes a time-saving approach for both the managers and the employees by using factoHR’s ESS portal. Such a platform works as an engaging and efficient platform for performing all the operations that reduce the considerable burden of HR.

This helps remove barriers between superiors and employees, and the management can access the staff’s work performances to make decisions regarding promotions.

This self-help tool will increase productivity among employees and boost their morale because of their ability to access and record data, which will make them feel empowered.

Performance Management

The days of employees receiving yearly performance appraisals are long gone. Now, with the help of HR software, employers can give constant feedback to the staff’s work and track it all the time. Allowing employees to provide self-evaluation sample answers that contribute to a more comprehensive assessment of their performance. With the system’s performance tracking tools, superiors can get a clear insight into how much each employee has contributed work-wise. This feedback system increases efficiency among workers.

As beneficial as this feature is to employees, the management can also use this feature to know which employee isn’t performing up to the mark, where else his talents can be utilized in the organization if not here, etc.

Employee Tracking Tools

Traditional HR processes allowed employees to forge attendance time-sheets, thereby encouraging time-theft. Now with modern HR, such practices are problematic to carry forward. Biometric attendance punches stop such practices from happening. Biometric fingerprints are impossible to forge (because of different fingerprints, obviously), and they are stored in files only accessible to top managers.

This tool keeps employees’ friends from punching on their behalf, therefore putting an end to the organization’s time theft. Employees can also mark their attendance online with smart features of HR software like selfie punch, geo-punch, etc.

Better Communication

Companies can use HR technology to bridge the communication gap between superiors and employees. With mediums like emails, texts, and other options available on the network options, easy communication emerges in the organization. These message options have made it easier for leaders to keep in touch with employees at the time of any work urgency.

While some companies use emails and texts, some companies use collaborative tools like Google Meet, Hangouts, Docs, etc., to connect. With better communication, duty reporting and work distribution become easier. Companies can make their employees efficient through these channels because they can continually look into employees’ work.

Hassle-free Payroll Processing

HR and payroll are like two sides of the same coin. Eliminating labor HR and automating it can help organizations in lots of ways. Employees can have access to their salary processing through automation. HR won’t have to dive into paperwork since integrated HR makes everything accessible under each employee’s database. Superiors can get detailed reports about employees’ salary processing through web-based payroll.

As much a boon this is to enterprises, employees can also benefit from google virtual tours, which helps employees to have access to all of their salary performances, which will empower them to do and give more to the organization. Risks can also be reduced to zero since everything is calculated and stored virtually, reducing confidentiality violations.


Adapting modern technology resources into your company’s HR department today is no longer an advantage but a necessity. In order to stay in the market, organizations need to keep up with the new technological trends and keep on following those practices. Making use of technology will help you improve and grow in the already growing market.

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