How to create movie with online video editor?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. Every minute, around 500 hours of videos are uploaded on the platform.

The platform has evolved into an ideal avenue for content producers to interact with their audience and portray their skills over the past several years. A well-designed YouTube video may also assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

YouTube is the most effective advertising medium, according to 78.8% of marketers. Video advertisements are a great method to connect with your consumers, and roughly 62% of marketers want to raise their spending for video advertising.

In this post, we’ll discuss the steps involved in crafting a video using InVideo, an online movie maker that comes with a range of features that makes creating compelling videos a seamless affair.

How to Create Videos Using Online Video Editor

InVideo is a cutting-edge cloud-based video editing and creation suite that has the potential to change the way we have been creating videos. The platform comes with all the bells and whistles of a professional video editing platform and is teeming with advanced functionality.

The platform has simplified video creation and hundreds of global businesses rely on the tool every day to churn out fascinating videos that are a treat to watch and bring in conversions and audience engagement.

Here are some of the salient features of the InVideo video creation suite.

 Features of InVideo

This program creates video material based on your specifications. The more you delve into the program, the more awestruck you will become by the plethora of advantages available as a result of this technical masterpiece. The advantages become apparent as you dig further into the features the tool provides:

  • Article to video: It is the platform’s fundamental characteristic. It creates a fresh new video based on the content of your supplied article. It can convert your written content into an entertaining video that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.
  • URL to video: InVideo has the ability to generate a unique video based on the URL of your content. Thus, you are not required to write an article at all. Just a URL link would enough to provide you with excellent video material.
  • Pre-made templates: Another useful feature is that you have the option to choose from over 3,000 pre-made themes for your content. Additionally, you may modify these themes as per your preferences
  • Logo revealers: Are you considering creating your own logo? What other venue would be more ideal for this? Have a successful launch of your logo with InVideo’s amazing clips.
  • Integrated media videos: Occasionally, a random video will not suffice. In such a scenario, you may definitely utilize this function to instruct InVideo to generate the video content using the media files on your device.
  • Blank Canvas: If you’re ready to produce your own video material, the program has a function that allows you to shoot, edit, and render new video files.
  • Text to speech: InVideo’s text to speech function enables you to add a voice-over to the backdrop of your video. Simply enter the text and the InVideo platform will convert it to a well-articulated voice. There are over twenty male and female voices available. If you’re looking for an accent. The InVideo Official Website will assist you in experiencing it for yourself.
  • Background music: InVideo’s expansive media library has a large collection of royalty-free music that may be used as the background music track for your video material.
  • Premium Membership: Premium members get access to premium templates and fifteen-minute video length. You may sign up for a free subscription and still access the premium templates.

Steps to Create Videos Using InVideo

The video creation steps involved in crafting appealing videos using the InVideo platform are immensely simple. Here is a chronological walkthrough of all the steps that go into crafting a well-made video from scratch using InVideo.

  • Access the InVideo platform by navigating to and logging in.
  • Select the ‘Video Maker for YouTube’ template from the ‘Quick Videos’ area. You’ll be presented with hundreds of visually appealing templates that you can deploy as is, or customize them as per your preference.
  • Add pictures and movies to your videos or choose from InVideo’s expansive collection of attention-grabbing images and famous videos. Additionally, you may add fascinating music to your video to make it even more interesting on YouTube.
  • Edit the template you’ve chosen to instill some individuality into your video.
  • Once complete, click export, download, and voila! You have your video ready in no time!

Isn’t it easy? Technology has certainly opened up new doors for creative content creation and InVideo is the perfect example of this.

The platform has greatly simplified the efforts involved in compelling video creation and hundreds of businesses are actively leveraging the host of seamless creation options that InVideo provides.

With these easy-to-follow steps, almost anyone with zero creative expertise can start creating compelling videos in no time!


Whether you are a novice or an experienced video creator, learning how to produce a YouTube video is a simple process. Keep in mind to prioritize content quality above perfection. Utilize an outstanding video editing platform to intricately edit your video.

Don’t forget to include a subscribe button at the bottom of your videos. Additionally, constantly encourage your viewers to make action after viewing your videos by adding a well-crafted and impactful CTA at the end of your videos.

We hope the suggestions above helped you comprehend how simple it is to make a YouTube video. If you haven’t already hopped on to the video creation bandwagon, it’s suggested that you start now!