How to own multiple cars without the hassle

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If you are a car enthusiast, then you will undoubtedly spend hours dreaming up your ideal garage, and which cars you would most like to own and why.

In fact, at some point in your life, you may actually be fortunate enough to have enough spare resources to build up a collection of your own and have multiple cars in your garage at once.

While this is a dream situation, it can actually become more of a headache than it is worth if you don’t approach the situation in the right way. For example, owning more than one car can become difficult if you are unorganized with the paperwork, servicing intervals, and basic maintenance.

What’s more, you might not allocate the right amount of money towards the running or restoration costs, which will leave you unable to properly enjoy the cars sitting on your driveway.

If you are wondering how to manage multiple cars without the hassle, read on.

You should utilize a car shipping service when you want to go on road trips

One of the best parts of owning multiple cars is that you can take them on long road trips and enjoy them, without worrying about the fact they are your only car.

Moreover, because you own more than one car, you don’t need all your cars to be especially practical. Instead, you can allocate one ‘slot’ to your practical daily driver, and others to more fun machines, such as sports, classic, and performance cars.

It is these cars that you can enjoy on road trips, but you might not want to put up with their impracticality on the way to your destination. This is where car shipping services by auto transport companies can be so useful.

They can transport your car to your intended destination without putting any miles on them—leaving you to enjoy the car as it was intended.

Try and complete the admin in one go

Ask any car collector what the biggest pain of owning multiple cars at once is, and they will almost certainly say the administration that is involved.

The reason for this is simple. You will need to organize insurance, servicing, tax, maintenance, and any number of other details regarding each car every year—which can become very complicated if you lose track of when every car needs these tasks completed.

An intelligent course of action is to have the majority of these tasks completed for each car at the same time, therefore saving you the effort of doing it more than once and ensuring that all tasks are ticked off the list.

It is best to own cars that serve separate purposes

As has already been mentioned, it is wise to invest in cars that all serve separate functions, as one of the thrills of enjoying cars is experiencing the unique qualities of each model.

Therefore, it might be fun to have one sports car, one SUV, one hot hatch, and one classic, for example. By collecting cars that serve different purposes, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of different experiences with each.

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