Is uTorrent Safe to Use? Is it legal? Tips to use it safely

Introduction to uTorrent: In layman language, uTorrent is software that provides easy access in sharing and downloading torrent files. Now the question arises, what is a torrent file? A torrent file helps in the storing and preserving of metadata for BitTorrent. uTorrent is a developed software and adware of BitTorrent.


  • The basic version of uTorrent is free and helps in downloading unlimited data for free.
  • The downloading is flexible. It can be paused and resumed at any time in consideration of your WiFi or mobile data.
  • It supports multiple operating systems and languages.
  • You can switch devices even when the downloading is in process in the prior device.


  • You cannot pre-determine the data inside the file. You will have to finish downloading the file to access the data inside.
  • Your IP address is determined while you are downloading the file.
  • Sometimes there are chances that your computer might get affected by a virus, therefore always use an antivirus while downloading or sharing from uTorrent.

Is uTorrent safe?

Case 1. Is the uTorrent web safe enough to use?

Towards the end of 2010 uTorrent released a version in the form of a conduit engine with adware. With the assistant of the adware installed and the uTorrent browser was made as to the homepage and default search engine in the user’s web browser without users consent. The situation was unacceptable and the even worse part was that the browser was difficult to remove. Overlooking discount reversi uTorrent was pestered by a large number of audience to bundle the new bing toolbar in 2011.

Case 2. Is uTorrent safe?

The pirate bay, TPB in short, is considered to be e the most controversial website in association with torrent.

Furthermore, in 2012, a free version of uTorrent was announced by BitTorrent which helps users advertise their brand/content. Amidst this advantage also, torrent faced the backlash of negative response as the free users were dissatisfied with it.

Case 3. How safe is it to use uTorrent?

In 2015 uTorrent was claimed for installing a program name Epic sale without the consent of the user. The epic scale was a software that forcefully gave a portion to charity overpowering and taking control over the GPU and CPU of the computer. it was labeled as a risk software by some security programs.

Even though the uTorrent developer fought against the claim, and stated that the permission to install the software can be declined by the user just like all other partner programs in association with uTorrent. Yet later that month in the same year Epic scale was dismissed permanently e from the software bundles of uTorrent amidst all the allegations.

Case 4. Is my computer safe while using uTorrent?

Even though uTorrent was created with the good motive, bad evils in the society e utilized the good motive to distribute legal, sensitive, copyrighted, and paid data free of cost. All this has caused a lot of controversies.

In some countries, the torrent has been declared safe and good while in some others authorities have put strong restrictions over the use of torrents which has resulted in many legal threats and court cases being employed on the torrent sites. Even though their services were stopped, still it continues to display legal mails from different high-tier companies like Apple, Microsoft, etc.

Furthermore, it is also said that the Russian and Ukrainian uses of uTorrent web entrant into installing the Yandex browser and other software associated with Yandex.

Is uTorrent safe to download?

At present, the software of uTorrent is thought to be free of dangerous viruses and completely safe. There is no risk in the software but a primary risk arises by downloading infected, risky, or dangerous torrents from a source that is unknown to the user.

How safe is it to use uTorrent?

The only thing that you have to keep in mind while downloading is that no torrent user or client can safeguard you if you choose to download files that are unsafe and from unknown sources which may contain malware, viruses, rootkits, or trojans.

Is uTorrent legal?

uTorrent as the software is legal but there are some actions that might cause illegal consequences such as sharing or downloading copyright-protected files without the actual permission of the owner. Also downloading these is copyrighted files and movies for free can be labeled illegal.

Your internet activities are under constant observation by your internet service provider and the copyright manager. Therefore if you are at any point trying to torrent the copyrighted contents, there are chances that you might get caught and action might be taken against you. The consequences might result in them sending you a warning letter throttling your network connection into taking legal actions.

Tips on how to use uTorrent safely.

Tip 1- Always access known sources.

The only thing that can keep you safe at all times is to download files from sources that are comparatively safer. You cannot completely avoid the risk of viruses all the time but you can always rely on trusted sources to download your files. You can gather information about the various trusted sources and sizes by relying on the comments and reviews of other users and the reputation the uploader holds.

Tip 2- Guard your computer with an anti-virus.

No matter how safe you try to play while downloading a file from a torrent, there are always chances that your computer might get affected by a virus, considering past experiences. Therefore before downloading from any pirated site or unknown/known source in torrent make sure that your computer is safeguarded by antivirus software to protect your computer from being hacked or being attacked by an unknown source.

Tip 3- Maintain Proper backup in your device.

While using Utorrent your device is probably always under an attack by viruses. At any point, these viruses can affect, format, or erase your device by hacking your computer. Thereby to be on the safer side always take a backup of your important files present on your computer.

You can backup your data either by storing everything on a hard drive, or uploading you are important files on Google drive or using some external software to backup your data.

Tip 4- Download trackers on your device.

Tracking software is like secret messengers. They immediately track and judge a network by telling whether it is safe to download from that particular source or not.

The positive aspect of using these trackers is that anyone can track a particular website without even enrolling, providing any authentication, or signing in.

Tip 5- Use a different VPN.

However illegal it may sound, using a different VPN to download files from torrent will preserve your computer as it will hide all your internet activities from your internet service provider.

If you want to preserve your information from the internet provider choose the VPN of a region that is not in your country.