5 Effective Uses of SDKs in your Web Design Strategy

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If you are into coding and development, SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It is also known as ‘devkit.’ Developers don’t have to start coding from scratch as an SDK helps do so in a very short time. Hence, while building a website, SDKs act as a boon.

So, along with the significant elements of your web design strategy, such as the vision of your website, its goals, the target audience and market, branding, message, and execution, consider using SDKs to save time and effort. Now, the question is, what kind of SDK should you use? Well, it depends on the industry and your end-users or audience. Look for a document scanning SDK for your web applications to add mobile web capture. Similarly, you must look for a QR code web SDK to add QR code extraction functionality.

Before we find out the best SDKs for mobile web capture and QR code reading, let’s discuss the 5 effective uses of SDKs in your web design strategy.

  1. SDKs help you understand the tools with the help of shortcuts.
  1. With SDKs, you can quickly add multiple features to the website with just a few lines of code.
  1. SDKs are ideal for applications with advanced features and functionalities such as push notifications and advertisements.
  1. SDKs reduce product time to market due to less development time. Hence, your website will be ready with all the crucial features in a short amount of time.
  1. Commercial-grade SDKs provide timely updates, so the features continue to run smoothly on your website.

Finding the Best SDK for Mobile Web Capture

Finding a reliable and equally robust mobile capture tool online is hard. Hence, the best way is to opt for a document scanning SDK to build a powerful scanning solution for the web. Selecting the best one can become a little confusing. To help you out, we present the essential features to look for in a document scanning SDK for mobile web capture. Please take a look.

  • Good Speed: The document scanning SDK should be able to quickly scan large volumes of documents. Leading ones can scan thousands of documents in one session.
  • Easy Integration: The document scanning SDK should be easy to integrate into the website.


  • Support for Different Web Browsers: Since different users will use different browsers, the mobile web capture SDK that you choose must support all standard browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.
  • Regular Updates for Smooth Functioning: Regular updates ensure that your application is free from bugs and errors. Look for a vendor that provides timely updates.
  • Security Features: Look for an SDK that comes with robust security features such as digital signature, authorization to access local files, webcams, or scanners, ability to delete cached data when the website exits unexpectedly, etc.

Features to Look for in a QR Code Web SDK

Take into consideration the following parameters while looking for a QR code web SDK for your web applications.

  • High Speed and Accuracy: Checking the speed of the QR code web SDK is the first thing you must do. The renowned ones can scan more than 500 in a minute.
  • Easy to Implement: Look for an SDK that lets you add QR code scanning capability into your web application by using just a few lines of JavaScript code.
  • Supported Formats: Whether you want to scan a QR code from an image, a PDF, or a live video stream, the QR code web SDK must support all standard file formats.
  • Timely Updates: Technology changes quickly; hence, select a vendor that provides timely updates. The addition of new features, bug fixes, and improvements ensures the smooth functioning of your web application.

Whether you are looking for a QR code web SDK or document scanning SDK for your web applications, make sure the vendor you choose provides good technical support. The technical support executives must resolve all your queries, be it some error or a glitch.

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