iTop VPN: The Best VPN Service for Online Protection

Did you know how important it is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? When it comes to privacy and security while surfing the Internet, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is a must-have helper. Not using a VPN, you are leaving your privacy and security to chance. When someone tries to illegally access your important accounts, you have no protection at all. You are at risk of being tracked, and that tracking can occur through a variety of channels, including ISPs, ad networks, and some entities.

A VPN can assist you in protecting your personal information (when you are online). Some VPNs are free, and you can easily use free VPN for Windows services. Today, we’ll introduce you a fantastic VPN service that uses military-grade encryption. That is iTop VPN in a nutshell!

What is VPN?

But, before we go any further, let’s review what we know about VPN. A VPN is essentially a network that can change the location of your Internet access so that you appear to be online in another location. This location engineering mechanism allows you to bypass the local content filter that is typically found in public areas. Isn’t it fun? You can keep your secret where you are while also avoiding local content restrictions. One real world application is the ability to watch Netflix or download torrents from other countries.

A VPN, in essence, will route all of your traffic through an encrypted tunnel. As a result, your true location, or rather your IP address, cannot be determined. Why? Because when you use a VPN, the IP address displayed is a forged one.

Why do we suggest iTop VPN?

As a high-quality VPN service, iTop VPN can provide excellent encryption, allowing you to access any website you desire. And do it quickly! Here are a few of the highlights:

– This free VPN for Windows provides 1000 servers around the world.

– When compared to similar services, this application works on a wider range of devices.

– This application provides extremely fast access, which is backed up by the lowest ping.

– There are no bandwidth constraints.

– Premium services are available for increased security.

– iTop VPN offers Netflix and BBC iPlayer-specific servers.

– With this VPN, you can easily access a variety of popular streaming services.

– You will always be supported (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

– There is no bandwidth restriction. In other words, if you exceed a certain amount of data access, you will not be subjected to any network restrictions.

Usage Instructions of iTop VPN

It’s simple, just like with other VPNs. The program must be installed, which takes only a few seconds. Connecting is simple because you only need to click the “Connect” button.

With iTop VPN, you have more freedom in selecting your bogus location. Keep in mind that this service offers over 1000 servers worldwide.

Another thing to note is that iTop VPN offers three connection modes: Safeguard Mode, Balance Mode, and Game Mode. You can select whichever one best meets your access requirements. Finally, it is the best application that provides more convenience to any Internet user who is concerned about online privacy and security. Hopefully, you will find this information useful.