Liam Costner Age, Net Worth, Parents All About Kevin Costner’s Son

Liam Costner, a 26-year-old, is the son of Bridget Rooney and Kevin Costner. He’s also stepson to William Koch through his mother’s marriage. Both his parents are well-known American actors. Liam is a private individual, and not many details about him are available. In this article, we’ll explore the life of Liam and his family to learn more about them.
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Liam’s Biological Parents’ Relationship

Liam’s parents, his mom and dad, had a relationship with many good times but also some tough moments. They couldn’t work through their problems and eventually decided to go their separate ways.

This happened when Liam was just a child. After the breakup, Bridget didn’t let it stop her from finding new love. She met William Koch, a billionaire, and they became a couple. Kevin’s family accepted Bridget and her son warmly.

Family Members

Liam’s family is big and famous. He has six half-siblings from his father’s side. He doesn’t have a sibling from the same father and mother. What it means is that he only has half-siblings, not direct ones. All his siblings are his father’s children from his other two marriages.

What Do His Siblings Do?

Liam’s family includes various people who work in movies or are famous in Hollywood. Some of them have acted in many films and TV shows. Even though Liam’s brothers and sisters have different moms, they all get along well and care about each other. In addition to his immediate family, he also has relatives on both his mom’s and dad’s sides.

All About Liam’s Mother

Liam’s mom is Bridget, and she’s a famous actress in America. She’s 61 years old and is also known for her work in TV. She comes from a rich family and has five older brothers and sisters, who are successful in their own fields. Her big family is involved in entertainment and sports. They even had a grandpa who was rich and used to own a national football team.
Liam Costner Mother

Her Professional Career

Bridget has appeared in many television and movie roles. Her most prominent one was a zombie movie that was produced in 2011. Unlike her son, Bridget enjoys staying in the limelight and attends parties and social events. She stays with her current spouse in their house in America.

Liam Costner’s Father

Kevin is a well-known actor in Hollywood, known for his great acting skills. He met Bridget at a golf course, and they fell in love. However, their relationship didn’t last long, partly because Kevin might not have finalized his divorce from his first wife when he met Bridget. Kevin and Bridget eventually separated and didn’t reconcile. They both moved on, got married to other people, and Liam was there at his mom’s wedding to his stepfather.
Liam Costner Father

Liam’s Stepfather

Liam’s stepfather is William Koch, and they have a strong and close relationship. Liam has spoken highly of his stepfather, emphasizing how positive his influence has been in his life. William and Liam’s mom got together after she and Liam’s father separated. Despite their significant age difference, they didn’t let that deter them from dating and eventually getting married. They’ve proven skeptics wrong by maintaining a lasting and successful marriage.

Liam Costner’s Net Worth

Liam’s career is pretty hidden, but according to sources, he has worked as a real estate agent as of 2021. We know he has yet to decide whether he will follow in daddy’s footsteps or not. The mysterious boy also happens to be the great-grandson of Art Rooney, the original owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In addition, his stepfather Bill William Koch is an American mogul and billionaire with a net worth of more than $4 billion. He has inherited $800 million worth of stock from his stepfather’s industry, Koch Industries. Therefore, it is assumed that he has an estimated net worth of $800 million.
Liam Costner Social Media

Liam Costner’s Social Media

Liam doesn’t have any public social media accounts, which means his fans don’t have a way to follow or connect with him online. He values his privacy and doesn’t share personal updates or news publicly.

While he might not be active on mainstream social media platforms, it’s possible that Liam maintains private accounts for communication with close friends and family. This suggests that he prefers to keep a low profile and leans towards being more of an introvert, steering away from public attention.

Final Words

Liam Costner is the youngest child of famous actor Kevin Costner, born on November 15, 1996. His mom, Bridget Rooney, and stepfather, Bill Koch, raised him, and he uses the name Rooney Koch. He has six half-siblings from his dad’s previous marriages. Liam values his privacy, so we don’t know much about his personal life, like whether he’s married or not.

While Liam’s job is not public, he does have a significant inheritance from his stepfather. He’s not active on social media, as he prefers to keep his life private. He’s known for his good looks, which he got from his famous parents.

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