Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging? Steps to Solve Your Issue

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Your work can go on a different path, in case the laptop or PC is connected yet not charging. You clearly can’t utilize the laptop once the battery is dead. However, much of the time, you can sort out where the charging issue makes it right. In this article, I will let you know what to do when your laptop battery isn’t charging while connected.

1. Check the Physical Cable Connections:

Before you move to profound troubleshooting, first check for the basics. Ensure you have embedded the PC charging link immovably into the PC’s charging port. At that point double-check its connection with the divider and consider attempting another outlet if the current one isn’t working. Remember to review the connection where the cable plugs into the AC adapter brick, also. That could have become loose if someone tripped over it.

2. Remove the Battery and Connect to Power:

You should decide whether the battery is working or not. On the off chance that your PC has a removable battery, eliminate it from your laptop. You need to consistently close down your laptop before doing this (if it’s not already dead) and unplug the charger. When you remove the battery, hold the force button for a few minutes to clear any excess charge in the system. After that is done, interface the charger and attempt to turn your PC on.

3. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Charger and Port:

You can next watch that power is getting to your laptop. Ensure that you have your charger connected to the correct port on your lappie, I mean laptop. Numerous PCs just have one spot for the charging plug, but if you have a newer computer, it may utilize USB-C to charge. Attempt all the USB-C ports on your laptop, as some may be for information move as it were. For the best results, you should utilize the first charger that accompanied your laptop. Fake chargers can harm your battery and cause lasting damage.

4. Review Your Cable and Ports for Damage:

Even though you did a cursory check for link connection issues, it’s a smart thought to survey the force line all the more altogether now. Look down the whole length of the power cord for fraying or other harm. Have a go at getting it to check whether any parts feel bulgy or in any case deformed. It’s additionally a smart thought to smell the AC connector part of the charger – if you smell burning, something has likely turned out badly inside the container, and you’ll have to supplant it.

5. Try Another Charger:

Now, you’ve taken a stab at all that doesn’t cost cash. A last-ditch solution is to arrange another PC charger (or utilize one from a companion if they end up having a similar PC) and check whether that works. While you’ll discover cheap third-party chargers on Amazon and different sites, I suggest utilizing an official charger assuming there is any chance of this happening. Third-party parts aren’t up to the quality norms.


Hopefully, the above solutions, fixed your PC charging issue. If it’s still an issue, a section inside your PC might be harmed, causing the battery not to work as expected.

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