Storage racks for basement that last

While we hear a lot about basements from America, until more recent times it wasn’t a housing or building phenomenon that got much traction elsewhere.  But, finally – and whether those sub-terrain spaces are called basements, icebergs or sub-structures – the basement idea is catching on in the UK, Australia and beyond.  They’re being used for parking cars, storing wine, creating ‘man’ or ‘kid’ caves and even pools, but the headline attraction is still to get your valuable items best suited for storage out of sight and yet safe, sound and organised.  Basements are normally dark and cool, which is just perfect for storage – but with space often at a premium and all those items prone to clutter and disorganisation, there are still some wise principles to know about as you make the most of your precious space.

  1. Go up, not out

In the late 1800s, one bright spark in Chicago realised that as the city sprawled further and further out, it was probably time to starting building up.  That principle now definitely applies in the basement, and the easiest and most effective way of doing that in the basement is with smart storage racking.

  1. Make it versatile

Typically, the best racking components are simple, light and strong with designs flexible and versatile enough to match the precise requirements of your space.  Because no basement is alike, the best way to design your racking system is with cleverly-designed products that can be easily and readily adjusted, slotted or clipped in for different heights and even shapes and configurations.

  1. Build it to last

While racking versatility and ease-of-construction is a must, your basement storage solutions also need to be robust enough to pass the test of time – especially in spaces that might be more industrially-oriented with plenty of turnover, traffic and movement.  Therefore, choose componentry made from robust materials, like steel, even if in wire form to keep weight down.

  1. Keep it elevated

Especially in basement spaces, which can be more prone to damp than above ground level, it’s crucial to get wood and other moisture-sensitive items well off the ground.  The diversity of modern basement racking systems means items can be elevated in a multitude of ways, whether in standalone units, wall-mounted solutions and more.

  1. Use every nook & cranny

A common quirk of basement spaces is that the available space can often be rendered difficult to use for storage because of all the awkward and often unusable nooks and crannies.  But you may be amazed to discover just how ‘nook & cranny’-shaped your bespoke racking solution can be, meaning the Holy Grail of every storage space – making every square metre count – is easily achievable.

No matter your space, intention or industry, it’s critical that your basement racking solutions work for you, your situation and your budget.  Getting it right, however, can be difficult – especially in light of all the basement racking options out there, not to mention the boxes, drawers, specialty brackets, cabinets and shelves that can complete your project.  If you need help making the most of your basement space, get in touch with our industry specialists for tailored advice.