The role of markup in the digital humanities

According to the experts, digital humanities seek to harmonize the social and technological revolution of the internet with the assistance of the traditional preoccupation of the humanities for humans and their cultural problems. it happens at the scale of human beings. The term digital humanities is considered as an impressive amount of real estate and it is said to be an area of research & teaching at the intersections of computing. It is also defined as the disciplines of the humanities.

What is a digital humanities project?

The digital humanities project uses various methods such as, the digital methods and computational techniques in order to research methodology, public engagement, and dissemination plan. The commonly digital humanity project uses both the digital and non-digital methods in their research structure. They enable the scholars to ask the questions, which are difficult to answer by using the non-digital methodologies. This is because of the size and complexity of the sourced material.

These methods allow the public to engage with the research in an appropriate way. When an organization provides useful and engaging research with their targeted audience, then it will help them to generate more profit and revenue. If you have any problem regarding the markup calculations, then you can simply account the markup calculator online that allows you to calculate the markup & revenue according to the cost and profit.

Tools for digital humanities:

There so many tools that you can use in digital humanities researches:

Volant Tools:

Voyant tool is a web-based tool that is specifically used in order to read and analyze the digital texts of your research.


Wordle is another web tool used to generate the word clouds with various shapes, colors, and font options.

Digital research tools:

With the use of Dirt directory, you can easily find & compare the resources that range from content management to music OCR, statistical data analysis to mind mapping software. 

Markup cost calculator:

When an organization provides a different but engaging study for various purposes on digital platforms, then digital humanity researches help them to earn enough profit. the calculations sometimes become complex and difficult, so you can try a percentage markup calculator online to perform the markup, profit, revenue, and cost calculations.


In this article, we elaborated the concept of digital humanities and also discussed what is the digital humanities project? How digital humanities make enough profit to the organizations is also taken into account. These study researches lead the company to a handsome amount of profits and calculating the company profit cost, and revenues calculations become easier with the assistance of the percentage markup calculator online.