Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

As many are aware, Google serves trillions of searches per year, and when you rank well, you’re almost sure to draw eligible traffic to your website. Here’s the thing though — Google’s guidelines are long and complicated, particularly if you’re learning SEO for the first time.

You need an SEO checklist to make sure your digital marketing efforts gives your site the best chance of ranking # 1.

Start optimizing your website (and winning those top rankings) with these website optimization checklists below.

SEO Control List: Simple setup

Any SEO checklist for new websites (and even existing ones) should include the standard setup of software that must be used, such as Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. Follow the SEO checklist on this website to get your accounts started and linked to your domain! Bear in mind that there are numerous website optimization resources out there to help you with your SEO!

Set up a Google Analytics account

Google Analytics is a valuable tool when it comes to website review and SEO.

You can see the following with Google Analytics:

How much traffic comes from Google, social networks, other pages, and more to your web.

Which pages have a high bounce rate, on-site time, conversion rate, and more

Google Analytics also links to a variety of other channels, including Google Advertising, Google Data Studio, and Google Search Console.

Set up a Google Search Console account

After that, you want to set up your Google Search Console account, which can be connected to Google Analytics.

Google Search Console is a free tool, much like Google Analytics. It’s also a strong one, providing the company with immense insight into how the website performs search results. Google Search Console illustrates how users locate your website in the results of an organic search.

Set Bing Webmaster Tools

Google may dominate the search market, but Bing still claims a reasonable share of it. That’s why they use Bing Webmaster Software is worth it.

Set up the Yoast SEO for WordPress site

Yoast SEO, a free plugin with paid options, lets your company optimize your SEO platform. Your company can use specific versions such as SEO local, SEO video, SEO news, and even SEO WooCommerce in addition to the basic version.

SEO Control List: Technical SEO

A technical SEO checklist can seem daunting, particularly if the technical side of SEO is new territory for you or your team. However, technical SEO is important.

Fix the bugs in Google Search Console

A crawl error means that Google can’t read or access your page, which is a problem. If Google doesn’t understand what your page is about, it won’t rank it for the term you want.

Using the Google Search Console “URL Inspection”

Because Google doesn’t always see your site the way you see it, it’s helpful to use the URL Inspection method. When you see how your page is viewed by Google, you can make any required improvements or adjustments.

Fix 404 errors or broken links

A broken link, also known as 404, does not make Google or users happy. That’s why any web optimization checklist should involve searching for 404s across your site — and repairing them as soon as possible.

Optimize Images

The images you use describe a lot about your content. Unfortunately, Google is simply a poor reader of photographs. You want to optimize your image alt tags and filenames to help them understand your images.

Use synonyms and LSI keywords

Always use synonyms and LSI keywords instead of using the same keyword 1000 times. LSI Keywords are terms that support your primary keyword.

Using both external and internal links

Make sure you connect to 5-8 authority sites in your article that are trusted worldwide. Also whenever you post a new piece of content, link to another 2-5 pages on your site.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendliness is a key factor in Google’s upcoming page experience update, but the real reason why you should take so much care to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly is that Google has moved to mobile-first indexing for all pages since mid-2019.

These are few tips to get your 2020 digital marketing endeavours rocketing ahead of your competition. For more information and assistance get in touch with Renaissance Marketing VA today!

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