Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Follow In 2021

The year 2020 has affected traditional businesses in innumerable ways. To be precise, COVID 19 pandemic has ruined the prospects of businesses. Unfortunately, even the established ventures are not an exception.

The worldwide lockdown has made us see that a digital business environment is much more productive than a traditional business. Amidst these uncertain situations, it is the only feasible option to sustain in the market.

This article aims to explain the top 6 digital marketing strategies that are on the trending list in 2021.

What Is Digital Marketing And What Is Its Relevance?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, promotes the brands among targeted customers with the internet as the medium. An entrepreneur can conduct digital marketing in different forms like online videos, social media posts, and display ads. Moreover, email, web-based ads, multimedia, and text messages weave digital marketing channels flawlessly.

Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, another reason for the growth of digital marketing is the increasing use of the internet. Several survey reports show that about 90% of Americans go online regularly. On the other hand, 30% of them remain online all the time.

As an efficient marketer, it is crucial to exploit the advantages of the digital world. If you are an emerging digital marketer, you can build a great brand by adopting advanced marketing strategies.

The key advantages of digital marketing are as follows:

  • It enables the entrepreneurs to get a wider reach.
  • It expands brand identity in the potential market.
  • A company with digital marketing channels would develop customer relations better compared to traditional businesses.
  • With the digital marketing channels, you can easily augment the existing customer base.
  • As there is no involvement of unnecessary organizational costs, the net income automatically increases.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies In 2021

I am sure you are a newbie in the field of digital marketing and looking for perfect answers to all your queries. Well, you have come to the ideal place, and we will guide you with a viable digital marketing plan.

So without wasting any more time, let us move on to the top 6 digital marketing Trends for 2021:

1. Distribute Budget To Digital Awareness Campaigns For Reaching New Audiences

During this pandemic, customers have lost the opportunity of hunting down the stores. Instead, they paid significant attention to offers and deals shown by retargeting ads. However, the potentiality of new entrepreneurship has been buried under the reputed brands’ digital campaigns.

To enhance your brand identity, you can use both non-personalized and personalized ads. The cookies in personalized ads track buyers’ behavior. In this way, you can easily target customer segments. Additionally, by deploying non-personalized ads, you have the chance of increasing brand awareness among new customers.

In this way, you can tap into the emerging marketplaces, thereby magnifying your business outreach.

2. Start Improving Your Visibility On Social Media Platforms More And More

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, the chances of success in digital marketing have flourished. Therefore, designing valuable and engaging content on social channels would add value to your business.

Although it’s a struggle to publish new content every day for the small business, believe us, it is actually a blessing. It is advisable not to dip your feet in all social platforms because there are high chances of messing up. Instead, focus on a single or two channels in a sustainable manner.

3. Optimize Your Content By Producing Interactive Content Pieces In 2021

Content marketing is almost a craze in 2021. It is basically a best practice for digital marketing in 2021. Provision of engaging, insightful, personalized, and interactive content is a necessity in digital marketing.

Nowadays, creating a store on Instagram and Facebook is quite simple. It is a fantastic idea to post valuable content regarding your business in the stores to draw customers to your profile.

4. Strengthen Your Presence On Search Engines Through SEO

Small entrepreneurs need to know that it is crucial to maintain their digital presence on SERP as strong as possible. If you provide local services, the best you can do is make sure that your business appears on Google’s ‘near me’ searches.

Google frequently updates its SEO algorithms. As a result, you require upgrading your content pieces, business information, service/product description. Search for keywords relevant to your niche and use them in your daily posts, website content, YouTube videos, etc.

5. Refine The Digital Marketing Experience Of The Audience By Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

Proper use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can take your business to the next level of digital marketing. With AI, marketers enjoy the power of collecting deep insights on campaign statistics, customer behaviors, market performance, and others.

You can give a touch of innovation and improve customer experience by embedding AI with your business. For example, several prominent digital companies have introduced automated push notifications. In addition, the customer service of renowned brands is thoroughly designed with AI technology.

These hyper-personalized strategies tend to improve the brand image, whereas its user-friendliness enlarges the customer base.

6. Video Marketing In 2021

Nothing is more attractive to a customer than audiovisual content. It is due to its power of capturing quick attention and engagement. A short-time video with stunning graphics concerning your business would give a sharp boost to customer attraction.

Social media platforms are the main channel to carry your videos dynamically to the larger customer segments. However, Keyword-rich, interactive YouTube videos are cherries on the cake if you can execute them well.


To summarize, the digital marketing industry in 2021 is already fluctuating, and nobody knows what awaits every moment. Nonetheless, it seems that the trends are inclining towards personalization and automation. Indeed, for a new venture, it is nearly impossible to include these two. Thus, start planning from the very beginning.

Brands must centralize their efforts on developing customer-centric marketing strategies. Only then can you visualize your business in this competitive market in the long term.

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