Ways to Motivate Yourself for Creative Writing

Writing itself is quite a stimulant for the brain. The part of the brain associated with writing is the frontal lobe that is also responsible for reasoning, planning, problem-solving, and judgment. Other than that the parietal lobe is also concerned with the act of writing as it allows the person to interpret words of the language. Hence when we transition to creative writing, the brain activity simply goes off like fireworks.

According to a German neurologist Martin Lotze, when seen through MRI scanners, the writer’s brain activity is similar to a sportsman during the heat of an ongoing match. Creative writing is, thus, no ordinary task. Let’s take a closer look at some factors the can drive a creative writer and keep them motivated.

· Commit to a Daily Goal

It seems like even for creative writing, you need to at least give yourself a push to become excessively good at it. Nobody is a great writer at first; it all comes with practice and time. While many consider great authors to be god gifted geniuses, but even then, there is a lot that goes into crafting a masterpiece than what meets the eye.

Having a daily goal when it comes to writing is like joining a gym to stay fit and healthy. It will keep your mental cogs hustling and bustling. With your mind stimulated every day, chances are you might strike gold sooner than you initially planned.

· Find or Create a Place for Writing

Another factor that plays heavily into making you prolific in producing content is a place of your own where ideas can run freely, you do not feel pressured, and all unnecessary interruptions can be avoided. Call it a place of quiet where you can receive revelations or anything that suits your personality the best.

You need to feel at home to write, and for that, a dedicated space where you can spend ample time to refresh your idea is an excellent place to write. The mind needs focus and quiet to brew concepts and notions, while for some, it may work the other way around. Your surroundings impact your productivity.

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· Take Your Inspirations & Expand on Them

Writing comes naturally to those who are inspired. The more enthused you are, the more willingness there is to expand on the point of view and where it takes you.

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Inspirations can be a pathway that can lead you to horizons beyond your wildest imaginations. People can be inspired by many things, colors, music, mythologies, fantasy, science & technology, and philosophies are all examples of what can push to explore the boundaries of your thoughts.

Mystical creatures, events of the past, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and the list goes on. Inspirations can come from any place and at any time. Inspired people achieve more. You need to grab onto the moment as many of them just are quite fleeting and difficult to catch.

· Prepare Yourself to Consume Content

It seems like to be a mass producer of something; you need to be a mass consumer as well. The more knowledge, information, awareness, and understanding you develop, the more mastery and command over the subject matter you will have.

This will definitely give you the edge, and the leverage to go high and low as well as unravel the nitty-gritty details that others have simply failed to ponder upon.

Plus, research work on a particular subject and topic can also offer you a lot of niches that can strike at you and motivate you to write about them so that you can cover them in detail.

· Take Breaks & Then Return Where You Left Off

There is a time when even a writer can burn out of ideas. Mogigraphia, for instance, is a fancy name for writer’s cramp where certain muscles of the writer become tired after prolonged use.

On the other hand, we have Colygraphia, which is another fancy term that refers to the writer’s block. A writer’s block is where creativity slows down, and the author is unable to produce new work or one that offers unique experiences. This is why you should take rest and give your mind some relaxation.

You can always come back to your work and start from where you left off. For your academic-related work, you can ask professionals to write my assignment and give yourself a much-deserved break from all the stress.

· Keep Sharpening Your Tools

The reason we are saying this is because the more you get into writing, the more your world will expand. You would come across numerous instances where questions will pop up in your minds, and that is a healthy state for any mind that yearns to learn more.

Knowledge is power, and so far, what we know is very little of what is actually out there. It is a never-ending journey, and the more you dive deeper into this ocean of limitless expanse, the more you have a chance to discover treasures that have been kept untouched and unspoiled.


Creative writing is more dedicated to crafting attractive narratives for an audience that may also imply character development as the work progresses. It goes out of the standard professionalism of writing for a newspaper, an academic piece of work, and technical forms of writing.

It is truly an art form, and while some may be gifted at it more than others, with time and practice, one can genuinely sharpen their skills and refine them with consistent effort.

However, the journey to one’s creativity is always unique for every person and individual. That is a trip which one has to take all by themselves. It’s like they say, others can show you the way, but it is you who has to walk through that door!