Advantages of Doing Web Development with Django and Python

The choice of a particular programming language is a huge responsibility, as far as the growth and success of a particular company is concerned. It also a big challenge, as there are plenty of options available. You need to carefully choose the most appropriate one suited to the specific needs of your business.

Therefore, the decision to spend money on web development services is very crucial. In the present time, Python and Django are considered by all the developers and the market experts as the two of the most useful tools.

Python has gained the popularity that it has over time, is because of its emphasis on characteristics like efficiency and reliability. This can be based in comparison to other popular programming languages like PHP, Java, and C++.

This article focuses on how Python works with another popular programming language, Django, which will make you understand why is it beneficial for you to hire a Python Django developer. This blog will also deal with the advantages of the two programming languages individually so that you have an idea about how both of them work together. However, before moving on to all those, it is vital that you have a clear and detailed idea about what each is.

What is Python?

Guido van Rossum was behind the inception of this programming language, it was introduced to the world in the year 1991, and the rest is history. According to the annual Stack Overflow survey, Python was one of the most loved languages in the year 2018.

As per the Python Software Foundation, Python is defined as a programming language that is object-oriented, interpreted with dynamic semantics. Its meaning can be broken down into three major parts, which are as follows:

  • Python is a powerful programming language, which consists of phrases and words, which are comprehensible to human beings. To convert this language into machine code, Python makes use of an interpreter.
  • Like most of the programming languages available in the present time, Python is object-oriented as well  The main idea about the concept of being object-oriented, is the fact that a program is split into two separate objects that communicate among themselves.
  • Python is also said to be a dynamic language, where the developers working with him do not have to announce their variable types.

What is Django?

The most important characteristic of this framework is the fact that it is open source and is also a full-stack web application framework, which written in Python. Your decision to hire Django developers can prove to be beneficial as they can make use of the in-built features to create attractive websites with minimal and pragmatic architectures.

Next is an important section for you, as you need to the essential difference between Django and Python so that you can spend your money efficiently on either Python or Django web development services. The next section talks about the core difference between the two.

Essential Difference between Django and Python

Even though Django and Python are intertwined in an effective manner, but at the same time are not the two same things. Python as a programming language can obviously be used for a number of applications like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and desktop applications. Django, on the other hand, is a framework, which is based on Python and is used for server and app development.

When and if you are planning to hire a python or Django development company to build a website. You can do the same from the very core, by using Python or you can make use of code that is pre-written and use Django to do the same.

Now it is finally time to decide how each of the two frameworks is beneficial for web development in their own ways. Here goes.

Why Choose Python for Web Development?

  • Fast and Powerful

The fact that this framework is referred to as powerful, it can be used for developing websites of absolutely any scale. Another reason for this convenience is the fact that it comes pre-equipped with a wide variety of features, which can come in handy drawing any kind of programming task.

In addition to that, Python proves immensely beneficial in the process of development of products, that need to be released to the market as soon as possible. This is true for both startups and large-scale businesses.

  • Mixes Well with Others

A very important feature of Python is the fact that it can be very easily interfaced with code written in other programming languages. You can also embed a Python-based project, in frameworks of different kinds. This is possible mainly because of the functionality feature of this programming language.

Why Choose Django for Web Development?

  • Scalability

This is very beneficial for you, as it helps you make changes to a project if needed. The components used in Django are decoupled, which means they can be added and removed as per the demands of the project. Also, depending on project requirements, the development of a particular product can be scaled up and down as per requirements.

  • Robust Security : 

Django does come equipped with a variety of security features, to keep the applications free from any kind of threat. It has an embedded feature of mitigating all the generic security mistakes related to the Python programming language, in addition to saving applications from request forgery, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting.


From the above article, you can come to the resolution that Django is a framework, which can be made to work for application development while making it a part of the Python programming language. Both are characterized by the unique advantages of its own, some of which are talked about in the previous section.

The purpose of this blog was to inform you about the advantages of working with these two popular programming languages. Hopefully, after reading this you have more clarity about the two frameworks

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