What Is A Good Processor Speed For A Laptop And Desktop Pc?

The processor is also known as CPU (Central Processing Unit) comes in the category of the computer hardware that is useful for the computer in giving its ability to interact with other applications and programs there on the PC. The benefit of a good processor is that it helps in giving the desired information and in completing tasks whenever the user wants to interact with an application or a program. Also, it determines the speed of a computer and helps in completing the task with ease and in a quick manner. Further, the core of the processor also plays a crucial role and in completing the tasks with full speed and without taking much time.

What is processor speed?

The performance of the computer is hampered or increased by a lot of reasons and one such reason is the presence of a good processor. The processor is considered as the brain of the computer and thus it is very important that it functions properly and in good manner as the functionality of the computer is based on the performance of the CPU. The reason for making the speed of the processor higher is that core of the processor and the clock speed should be good. But what is the core of the processor and the clock speed. For this, you need to read the next section.

What is the core of the processor and the Clock speed?

Core of the processor and the clock speeds of the CPU are two different things and components of it but are interdependent of each other so that they can together improve the performance of the computer.

Now, when we talk about the Processor core, it is the single processing unit that is present in the computer’s CPU. The function of the Processor core is to receive instructions from the task that we do and the clock speed on the other hand is there to process the information quickly and store it in the Random Access Unit for temporary period and for the permanent information, we have to rely on the hard drive to save it safely. Generally, a computer has combination of several core processors so that they are better able to manage the performance of the computer.

While, the clock speed of the CPU is important while retrieving the information quickly and in interpreting the information with due diligence, and thus helps in doing various tasks effectively and quickly. The speed of the clock is measured in the GHz, thus if the value of the clock speed is higher, the speed will also be higher.

What is a good processor speed for a Laptop or Desktop PC?

Now-a-days, the laptops come with dual core a processor that helps them in meeting the needs of the users in their everyday lives. Since, they need to do multi-tasking; it becomes even more important that the speed is maintained throughout. It is important that you go for a quad core processor or a dual core processor as it does not serve the purpose to choose a single core processor.

Now, when we talk about the cycles i.e. Gigahertz or Megahertz, it is obvious that 3 GHz processor is twice the better than the 1.5GHz processor. So, if you regularly use your computer and have to do frequent tasks, then you should definitely opt for more number of cycles in the processor. Also, if you are looking for a fast processor that it is evident that the cost is also higher. Further, the core of the processor also plays an important role as going for i3, and i5 in today’s era is not at all a good choice, rather it is an expert choice to go for i7 core processor. Various other features are also to be taken into account such as cache, power and the motherboard of the CPU which are to be taken into consideration while buying the processor of the CPU. For a better understanding, do look at the table given below.

ProcessorCoresCyclesCostPowerCacheMax RAM



Now, all said apart, it is important before buying a CPU that you should be aware of what you want from a CPU. After listing down all your needs and expectations, define your budget and see if it is compatible with your needs. Then, you need to look for various features like core, cycle, thread, clock speed etc. and see what suits your needs and is the best choice for you. After doing all this, you can easily determine the right processor for you. At last, what is important is that the processor should be good enough to do multi-tasking and should increase the speed of the computer and not hamper it.