Why is Microsoft SharePoint Intranet the best choice for organizations?

Every day various kinds of tools and other resources like corporate messengers, forums, chats, video conferencing solutions are launched that can make your work great and effortless. In the last few decades technology has evolved rapidly which has changed the way businesses are operated. And today, with the use of the right kind of skills and technologies, businesses can be launched successfully.

Within this flash and fade of many trending technologies, today we are going to discuss one such technology that truly revolutionized the way businesses are operated. Though it comes with limited functionalities, the SharePoint Intranet has now become a holistic digital workplace solution. This platform can accelerate top-down communication, engage employees, improve productivity, manage projects, increase collaboration, and much more. One of the top SharePoint Intranet benefits is its flexibility as it comes with various effective methodologies for SharePoint development that fits your requirements.

Choosing the Right Intranet Platform

Though there are many benefits of using the Intranet, it is not a one size fits all type of solution when you implement it. When an intranet is implied in the culture or the business process of an organization, it happens that it does not get properly ingrained, or even if it does, it soon gets forgotten. In some cases, the employees aren’t aware that they have an option of using the intranet, sometimes when they are aware of its existence then they don’t have good enough reasons to utilize it and in other times, they don’t know how to use it.

Choosing the right platform for your intranet means that you can build a one-stop solution for information, communications, tools, and applications that results in a successful digital workplace. When you have such reasonable and ambitious business goals, you must pick the right intranet platform for your organization.

If there is any platform that can help you overcome all your business processes, employee collaboration, and management challenges then it is only one – SharePoint. It was released as a document management system in 2001 which was extended with web publishing capabilities in 2003. This later helped SharePoint to evolve as a leading product in the market. Yes, it is not the only available intranet platform that you can use but it certainly was the first platform that aced the intranet and collaboration.

It is most likely that anyone would want their intranet to act as a one-stop company hub for all types of information, a primary source of knowledge, secure file sharing and collaboration practices, a direct entrance to the tools and applications, and a complete digital workplace solution. Now the best thing about Microsoft SharePoint is that it holds collaboration at its very core. Also, it is powerful enough to enhance your employee engagement, increase productivity, and the bottom line of your business. Office 365 SharePoint intranet provides both work features (Project Management, Workflows, Document Management, team and Project collaboration sites, etc.) as well as social features (Blogs, Chats, Newsfeeds, Stack exchange, etc.). Let us now discuss the benefits of Sharepoint Intranet.

Top SharePoint Intranet Benefits

1. SharePoint Intranet Is Well-Known Within the Community

If we talk about all the intranet technologies available in the world then Microsoft SharePoint is without a doubt an unparalleled choice so far. In countless digital workplace and intranet surveys, the users of SharePoint and other intranets have expressed and admitted to this by voting highest for SharePoint. However, we can’t state it as the reason that makes the platform best. Instead, its extraordinary range of features, unbeatable customization options, and strong data security levels are some of the major reasons that make SharePoint a popular choice as their corporate intranet system.

2. It Is Highly Customizable, Configurable & Adaptable

Usability and versatility are some of the biggest strengths of this platform. Its varied strengths and configurations allow the organizations to use it as both intranet and a for a wide range of business operations including content management, discoverability, scanning, collaboration, and internal communication. When a company irrespective of its size is thinking about shifting its strategic objectives, scalability and flexibility are the two significant factors that concern them the most. During this time, the SharePoint platform can be used as an ultimate intranet option that possesses incredible flexibility, configuration, adaptation, and customization options.

3. It Provides Multiple Options

One of the biggest advantages of using SharePoint and other intranets doesn’t provide is that it offers multiple options. Businesses have to be competitive to stay ahead in the market. So, now you get highly competitive intranet solutions by Microsoft SharePoint as it provides additional screen layouts, site templates, ready-to-use web parts, and many other supplementary capacities. This will enable you to deliver an exceptional intranet experience in a very short period. You can also use a variety of SharePoint intranet tools which are very efficient and are fully integrated with the capacity to offer modern intranet solutions that any sophisticated business enterprise would need nowadays.

4. SharePoint’s Automation Functionalities Are Commendable

If you are looking for effective information and record management then SharePoint is the perfect choice for it. There are many intranet platforms out there that store documents at disparate locations and transfer the content and then continuously handle it. I have to say that this is a bit of an outdated method. But if you use a fully automatic method like SharePoint then you can schedule an expiry date for every file. This needs to be modified or discarded after the defined period. After that certain period is over, you should check for workflow permission. It will ask you to either delete or relocate the file within the system. Now, if you would be doing it all physically rather than using the incredibly efficient automated record management then it would take twice as much time in comparison to SharePoint.

5. Integration & Connectivity with MS Office 365 & Other Microsoft Tools

The amazing ability of SharePoint to integrate with and incorporate various tools and apps of Microsoft is another major benefit on the list. And the best thing? You won’t need any kind of assistance doing it at all. Incorporation of Team Space Lists, Yammer updates, and OneDrive documents is a very easy and exciting to integrate, change, and report process. You can also foster a strong relationship with Office 365 tools and SharePoint Intranet to incorporate the intranet expertise within the project teams. It would prove to be very helpful in creating a rich user experience with a digital workplace. Large enterprises leverage this collaborative platform to encourage governance and adoption. Microsoft Power Platform is used to initiate the seamless integration of automation and Microsoft AI technologies in SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise.

6. It Serves Almost All Content Publication Requirements

Your content needs proper management and one of the major tasks of SharePoint is to manage and publish the data to fulfill your business needs for internal communications. After all, the intranet is all about content and information management.  Communications provide the SharePoint platform with great publishing functionalities. It also offers more advanced features to perform advanced content publishing tasks like news prototypes, approval workflows, automated data reviews, and editorial schedules. They all are found to be very efficient too.

7. Connectivity & External Exchange of Information

You need the latest and advanced system when you are working from an offsite location because a traditional and outdated system won’t be able to facilitate you when you need to navigate through your intranet. But if you are using Microsoft SharePoint then have no worries. You can get easy access easily through the cloud. It will enable you to get instant access to all types of information you need and the process of obtaining it is very fast and simple. You can get it done using your smartpg\hone too.

8. Promotes Relevant & Personalized Content

The intranet of the modern digital age is armed with advanced customization features. It allows you to create tailor-made content specifically targeted for different groups as people working in a certain division, at any specific venue, in a particular role or depending upon their service tenure. This shows that you manage the thematic concept effortlessly in SharePoint. Apart from that, this modern intranet solution allows the users to discuss various interesting topics. SharePoint Online and intranet are leveraged to enable personalization, utilizing simple integrated systems, and content targeting with Active Directory profiles in a very efficient manner. This is one of the reasons why Sharepoint can be an amazing technological foundation for your business.

9. Latest Developments

To create a modern intranet solution, Microsoft provided SharePoint with fantastically elegant designs, improved efficiency, a simple interface to post content, very helpful SharePoint sites templates, and many more features that keep on enhancing SharePoint to its core. The latest updates are different from the classic SharePoint to some extent but they offer way better intranet experience with less stress on the IT features which have been one of the major concerns for businesses around the world in the past few years.

10. Affordability

If you have access to Microsoft Office 365 then you can easily use SharePoint. As this intranet platform comes with Office 365 as a part of a package, you can begin using SharePoint right away without any need of spending money to access specialized and complicated intranet services. So, if your company is already using Office 365 for its business operations then you or your team can access SharePoint to get intranet services. But if you don’t have an Office 365 package then you have to subscribe to the intranet services of SharePoint which is also very affordable.


Among all the market trends and constantly changing customer needs, the need to achieve the business goals remains constant. And to achieve them, you need to be aware of the advanced and superior technologies that can help you. Online cloud storage and software functionalities are further complicating business operations. Amidst this all, Microsoft SharePoint comes to your rescue. It can solve all your problems single handedly. I mean just look at the benefits of using the SharePoint intranet portal that we discussed in this blog. It is affordable, customizable, configurable, and adaptable which proves that it has the capabilities to meet any kind of business requirements. Now, it also offers multiple options including automation functionalities, seamless integration with other Microsoft tools and technologies. That’s not all, SharePoint is the single most intranet system that can fulfill all types of content publishing requirements with a chance of personalizing them.

Tell me if you have heard so much about any other intranet system. Even if there is any system that can offer it all, it won’t be as effective as SharePoint. The top brands and other tech giants understand and that’s why they choose Microsoft SharePoint for their organization’s intranet system. Or who knows? Maybe they are at the top because they made this right choice somewhere down the road.