7 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Start Using Microsoft Teams Phone

Teamwork and effective communication are essential to maximising productivity in every organisation. Without them, the workflow won’t be smooth, and the objectives are less likely to be met. Audio, voice, and video calls are some of the crucial things to communicate effectively, mainly to those organisations whose members work from different areas.

Most companies count on tablets and computers to host video conferences. But these days, many organisations sign up for Microsoft Teams Calling plans.

To find out what makes Microsoft Teams Calling ideal for organisations, we’ll discuss the top benefits of using it. So, keep reading and find out.

What is Microsoft Teams Calling?

Before we jump into how Teams Calling can help your members have stable communication, let’s discuss what it is. Basically, Team calling, also known as Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, is a cloud-based phone system built by Mircosoft. It enables key calling capabilities and provides convenient communication throughout teams.

The Microsoft Teams phone system comes with features like Call Queues, Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Video Calls and Conference, Voicemail to Email, Music and Messages On Hold, and more. All these enterprises give each organisation member a professional call experience.

7 Benefits of Signing Up for a Microsoft Teams Calling Plan

If you want to do the traditional way of handling video conferences to discuss business matters with your members, you can surely do that. But for those who are wondering what makes Microsoft Teams Calling plans widely used by companies worldwide, here are their main benefits:

1. Make Collaboration Easier

Whether you have an office where you work together or work remotely, collaborating with each other is important. The modern way of doing phone calls as well as video calling through Microsoft Teams phone can make your collaboration easier. It has plenty of collaboration tools that your members can use on different devices.

2. Increase Productivity

There are various video conferencing platforms that you can use, such as Zoom and more. However, constantly switching to different apps and having to keep the subscription going can be a hassle. With the Microsoft phone system, you can save time and cost on such things. Instead of maintaining different app subscriptions, most of the tools you need will already be in Microsoft.

3. Transcribe and Record Calls

One of the best features of Microsoft Teams Calling is being able to record and transcribe calls. These will be significantly helpful if you want to make your members’ lives a lot easier. Instead of writing down every piece of information from one-on-one calls, you can just use the transcription feature. They no longer have to use their pens and paper.

4. Move Across Devices Conveniently

There are times that people need to use different devices for some reason. However, it can be a hassle to transfer data and log in to each account. Through the incredible functionality of Microsoft Teams Calling, you can move across devices conveniently. What you have to do is click and open the Microsoft Teams app, and it will be good to go.

Besides that, you can also access your data wherever you are. Be it at your office, home, or in the cafe; you can make and attend meetings at your convenience.

5. Be Protected Against Spam

It’s really time-consuming and annoying to receive phone calls which are just spam, and over the past few years, spam calls have kept increasing. However, in organisations where phone call matters, you need to pick them up each time you receive calls. With Microsoft Teams Calling, you can now filter your calls better to identify spam and automatically ignore it. You can now pay more attention to other responsibilities and free the line for a more qualified lead.

6. Access Push to Talk Feature

Before, many companies were just testing the phones with the walkie talkie feature. Today, Microsoft already has a push to talk option where people can already communicate immediately with just one push. 

7. Integrate Tools

Last but not least, Teams Calling in Microsoft will allow you to integrate intelligence tools like Qbo. This way, you no longer need to use third-party apps to complete your tasks.

In Conclusion

To keep any company and organisation running well, it’s a must that a good connection and communication are established. For this reason, consistent calls and meetings are done. However, ongoing management of various tools which don’t have all the necessary features can be inconvenient.

By subscribing to a Microsoft Teams Calling plan, you can enjoy all the advanced features. This advancement will bring convenience to your organisation’s day to day work. It’s now easier to integrate tools, communicate immediately, record calls and filter them. So, if you want to revolutionise the traditional business ways and improve the workflow, you can always sign up for a plan.