10 Must Listen To AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, And Analytics Podcasts

Listening to podcasts on your way to work has become the new trend. There are podcasts on any subject you can think of and that includes data science field. If you are interested in AI, data science, and machine learning, then these ten podcasts are worth a listen.

  1. AI in Business

AI in Business, hosted by Daniel Faggella, the founder of the AI research and advisory company Emerj,  is a weekly podcast that features interviews from top AI and machine learning-focused researchers, investors, and executives. Faggella delves into the important applications of AI.

  1. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

After a few pints at a conference and a few hours of discussion about the cutting edge of digital analytics, Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Jim Cain realized they might have something to contribute back to the community. This podcast is one of those contributions. Each episode is a closed topic and an open forum. The idea is for listeners to enjoy listening to Michael, Tim, and Moe share their thoughts and experiences and hopefully feel inspired to try something new at work the next day.

  1. Freakonomics

Stephen J. Dubner, the co-author of the book Freakonomics hosts this podcast. Every week, Dubner brings you on a journey in exploring the implicit side of everything. In data science, you discover the hidden value of data, so it wouldn’t hurt to know more and expand your mind.

  1. The TWIML AI Podcast

Sam Charrington, an industry analyst, speaker, commentator, and thought leader, hosts the TWIML AI podcasts. They feature top minds in the world of AI and ML.  This podcast provides resourceful information to the community of researchers, data scientists, engineers, and data-driven leaders across the world.

  1. Linear Digressions

Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe are your hosts of Linear Digressions. This weekly podcast explores recent developments in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As the hosts are good friends, their rapport makes each episode very accessible and easy to understand. ‘Katie and Ben do a great job at paring down a complex technical topic to its basic parts’ says Jacquelyn Cote, a writer at Revieweal and Assignment Help. There are over 100 episodes for listeners to dive into while commuting to work.

  1. The Data Skeptic

This podcast, hosted by Kyle Polich features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He approaches from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the efficacy and claims of artificial intelligence.  If you are heavily into the scientific method and skepticism, this is the podcast for you.

  1. Talking Machines

Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence bring you clear conversations with experts in the field on this podcast. They offer insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions. Talking Machines aims to introduce machine learning to a wide audience, helping industry professionals and business leaders understand these new tools and technologies.

  1. Eye On A.I.

Hosted by long time New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith, this podcast offers a mix of news and events coverage, and discussions with industry professionals. The podcast aims to put the progress of AI research into a broader context and consider the societal implications of the technology.

  1. In Machines We Trust

Hosted by Jennifer Strong and the MIT Technology Review team, In Machines We Trust is self-described as “a podcast about the automation of everything”. ‘Artificial intelligence is making increasingly important decisions in our lives’ explains Joseph Graziano, a CV writing expert at State Of Writing and UKWritings. This podcast explores the powerful, and oftentimes, frightening ways that AI is shaping modern life.

  1. Gradient Dissent-A Machine Learning Podcast

Gradient Dissent is a weekly machine learning podcast.  This podcast gives the listener a behind-the-scenes look at how industry leaders are using deep learning in the real world. This awesome podcast featured guests like Fast.ai’s Jeremy Howard, Google’s Director of Research Peter Norvig, and CEO of Kaggle Anthony Goldbloom. It is definitely worth a listen.

These are the 10 best AI, data science, analytics, and machine learning podcasts worth listening to today.

Lauren Groff is a writer at Custom Essay and Big Assignments.  She writes CV’s and she also writes about career changes. Lauren is also a blogger at Simple Grad.