4 Tips To Expand Your Instagram Live Presence.

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Businesses are in the midst of insecure and uncertain times. No matter what the industry, many businesses have all had to move online to reach their customers, clients, and even loved ones. Luckily, it seems, social media has built an infrastructure for this situation. Of course, by now your business is on the usual platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) but, for today, we will specifically be talking about Instagram Live. Here are the 4 tips that can help improve you and your client’s experience on the platform and in turn advance your business’s goals.

Instagram Live has become one of the most important platforms for you and your company to meet, greet and inform your customers since many people are working from home. And we should be honest – checking their social media as often as their work will allow. Though this truth has given a rough opportunity for business owners to interact with their customers often with interesting posts, live stories, and Instagram broadcasts.

Plan, prepare and practice

An Instagram live broadcast is not unlike any other professional broadcast now. Before the pandemic made online advertising and broadcasting a necessity, going “live” seemed to be an extra way for a company to casually say hello to a business’s clients and followers more than a live stream. However, going “live” is now a company’s broadcast (program or advertising) for a business to connect with its customers in a real way.

“A well-executed plan will keep your customer’s attention and also let them know ‘we’re still here and we’re still good,’” says Terri Pell, a marketing manager at OX Essays and State of writing. “You should also practice creating a fake account and invite some friends to do a test run. It is better to make mistakes there than on your real account.”


Everyone that follows you, should know; that you are broadcasting (or at least to as many people as possible) and they should know the content of it. Therefore, a well-designed advertising campaign is the best way to achieve this. The best way to reach your audience’s attention daily is to have interesting posts on the ’stories’ section of the app, one or 2 different posts a day will keep their interest and make sure your audience is large at the time of your broadcast. Alternatively, posts on your page are a great way to let potential clients know that you are going to be live!


Sparking interest by ‘window shopping’ isn’t enough anymore to get your customers through the door these days – In other words, tuning in to your broadcast.

Things like offers and discounts can entice viewership. Plus, a free giveaway or an exclusive offer is a tried and tested method to attract interest-specific content. Your consumers should get to know you and your businesses a little better, it is a way to attract views as a “whom we are” broadcast.

“An encouraging live stream has been shown to increase customer loyalty and knowledge of the company tutorials,” says Meta Miron, a business writer at UK Writings and Academized. “Sharing knowledge is always a good thing and gaining knowledge is even better, so a tutorial video is a great idea to grab your customers attention it’s important to choose a topic that is well suited to your brand, alternatively a ‘what we do and how we do it’ broadcast will create the same effect. Q&A sections are also great incentives to drive people in.”

Learn, learn, learn

Finally, it’s important to get to know the app you are working with. There are many tutorials on video platforms that can assist you in getting the most out of the app and its broadcasting section. You’d be surprised at what a little extra knowledge of Instagram can not only improve your workflow but also hugely improve the quality of your broadcast.

On a more technical level, research how to make your image as well suited to your company’s needs as possible – I’m sure you’ve seen broadcasters that you like and gather your information from – there are a few things to look out for; often it is camera quality or a simple circle camera to help with your lighting or your background (whether you need to grab attention add beauty or often a simple logo.)


Social media has exploded over the last year and a lot of companies are online now. And they are all learning quickly how to improve their online presence. So, it’s important to get ahead of the game and get your business well established on Instagram live. A good schedule of content for your live streams will solidify you onto your customers ‘go-to’ lists, ahead of the competition. And with these few simple tips, you should be advancing those stats in no time.

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