4 Ways to Use QR Codes in Business

Just as we were thinking QR Codes were irrelevant, they’ve experienced a resurgence. More businesses are using them in creative ways.

We can thank creative teams in marketing for countless ways to connect businesses with their target audience. Or to give access to information at tradeshows, festivals, and conferences.

The list of uses continues to grow. With more people attached to their smartphones, people find them easier to use than they did ten years ago.

Businesses can benefit from a Barcode Generator. Keep reading for four ways to use QR codes in business.

  1. Food Trucks and Restaurants Use QR Codes to Replace Menus

One of the more popular uses for QR Codes came about during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food trucks and restaurants started using them in record numbers for touchless menus.

The QR Code graphic is displayed in different ways. Food trucks have them displayed on their vehicles. Other eateries display them on holders at the table or laminated flyers.

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  1. QR Codes Are Used to Accept Payments

Businesses are using QR Codes to accept payments from smartphone users. Both iPhone and Android users have this capability.

Customers can pay for products and services with banking apps. The QR Code is scanned, the customer agrees to the amount. The payment is processed.

On the other end, the customer has a QR Code on their smartphone. The business scans the code to complete the financial transaction.

The customer’s receipt is sent via text in both instances, making it a complete touch-free payment interaction.

  1. Museums and Events Use QR Code Readers as Guides

Museums, music festivals, and conferences are using QR codes for business. It saves time and money. Less expense on paper handouts that get tossed in the trash. Reduced costs when it comes to hiring guides and hosts.

Today, visitors can get quick access to information by scanning QR codes at kiosks and digital displays. At museums, the code can activate pre-recorded narratives about the origin of the artwork.

At music festivals, scanning a QR code can download the lineup for musical acts. Concert goers can access a map of the festival grounds making it easier to find restrooms, food vendors, and more.

  1. Realtors Use QR Codes on for Sale Signs

QR code ideas have made their way into multiple industries including real estate. Today, realtors are using them to provide quick access to homes.

Instead of waiting for an open house event, interested buyers can scan a QR code. The codes are displayed on the for-sale sign. It opens up to a website with details about the home.

The information includes buying information, virtual tours, and electronic business cards.

How Will You Use QR Codes for Your Business?

Here we’ve provided you with four ways to use QR Codes. You can use your imagination to come up with many more.

We hope your creative ideas are flowing. Continue to browse our site for more digital marketing ideas.