WordPress Plugins for Directory Websites

Why Use WordPress Directory Plugins?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, used by almost 75 million websites. As by WordPress itself, more than 400 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages monthly and produce a whopping 70 million worth of new posts.

A WordPress directory is a web-based application that is a built-in feature in the cPanel dashboard of a WordPress hosting account. For a WordPress directory, you can go for the best magento 2 hosting.

But directory is a vague term for how actually the application is used. Even though mainly all online directories carry similar functionality from delivering business or personal information based on location, WordPress directories can be a bit different in this regard.

In order to make your own custom post directory, you would need a WordPress directory plugin. Here are eight of the commonly used ones to help you organize your listings.

5 Best WordPress Directory Plugins to Organize Your Listings

Deciding which directory to choose depends on the task for which you need to launch it. However, here are the best five to help you fulfill each requirement that you might have.

1. Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory Plugin is for anybody who is planning on having a fully functional directory without any sort of payment involved. It has significantly great reviews, and ratings are quite impressive given how lightweight the plugin is. It is a ready to go for a website and allows you to buy additional features only when you need them. The Business Directory Plugin has all the basic directory features included like:

  • Fully customize form fields
  • Image support
  • Payment acceptance

Such core features are available free of cost with the main plugin when downloaded. But the user is also given an option to download more as an add-on after paying a certain premium price.

The price range of the add-ons package can go from $199.99 for a single time use to all the individual plugins starting at $69.99. The extra modules can be anyone or all of the following:

  • Discount codes
  • Featured levels
  • Google maps
  • Security tips
  • File attachment

2. Geo Directory

Geo Directory is a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert any WordPress theme into a power, efficiently working active directory. This plugin mainly focuses on generating a global business directory. Hence, you can focus on maintaining a directory that can cater to a worldwide audience.

However, it can easily be cut down to focus on certain sections of the world or just to your neighborhood even. It is an excellent plugin for building a network of multiple directories or using it for various client sites.

Most of the plugin comes free with several add-ons available for purchase to add events, locations, pricing, reviews, and integrations. Such plugins start from a mere $19. Just like one can’t decide if WordPress.org is more compatible or WordPress.com, it can be challenging o decide about the compatibility of the ad-on features.

With a beautiful search interface, the plugin is used by both regular pro users as well as business merchants who require multiple listings. As it is both lightweight and has a scalable interface, it is best for both growth, as well as leading traffic.

3. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

One of the more on the flexible side of WordPress, this directory plugin, is a reliable solution to integrate it into any existing website. It will support any kind of directory, whether it is a movie rating site, a classified field, or even a travel guide forum. Like the other two mentioned before, this directory plugin can also be downloaded for free, including some premium add-ons for better upgrades.

However, these upgrades are a lot different than the ones being given with the plugins mentioned before. These add-ons provide tools for PayPal, Stripe Payments, and a listing slider. And their price range starts from an affordable $19.99. The add-on library for the Advanced Classified plugins is smaller compared to many that exist in the same domain.

As WordPress is rapidly replacing code, the main reason behind this is that the core plugin itself comes with all the features readily downloaded. And primarily, the only thing you got to pay for is the payment processing tool.

4. Connections Business Directory

It is an excellent combination of simplicity and uniqueness that allows you to create anything, no matter how big or small.

From a small contact book to a vast empire of thousands of worldwide listings, Connections Business Directory plugin is an easily configurable directory. It was built to be as compatible as possible so that it is one of the more flexible solutions on the list like you can add icons to buy dissertation, premium jackets or rendering any service etc.

The developer support is excellent for the business model designed. It starts by allowing you free downloading of the core plugin then granting access to several free add-ons.

These free add-ons include toolbars, logins, and birthday calendar emails. Developers also sell extensions that fall on the premium side of the price, starting from $75 for a single website. However, the simpler ones start from a way lower price tag of $5.

5. Sabai Directory

It is a great plugin; to begin with as it only sells for a $29 and gives you full 6-month developer support. Including in this one-time payment option is every feature in the core plugin so that you don’t need to make an extra payment for additional directory add-ons.

The core structural integration behind this directory plugin is to create a site structure for business directories, for restaurants and even stores. It has multiple site maps that can be accessed through Google Maps.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that whatever your exact directory needs might be, there is a directory plugin available for that. You can have a good enough price range to choose from.

Also, given the fact that you have a choice to see how much a core plugin offers compared to add-ons and extra payment options for added features. All in all, WordPress caters to all!