7 Top Places to Conduct T shirt Market Research

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Once a niche is chosen, the next step is to start working on collecting relatable designs. There can be times when you run out of creative and unique designs of your own. That  is the time when you need to look for inspiring ideas for t-shirt designs. T shirt market research can be carried out on various platforms and here are 7 mentioned below to ease out your task.

1. Printshop by Designhill

Check out Printshop by Designhill that has thousands of t-shirt and hoodie designs listed. These designs are really enough to fill your cup with loads of inspiration and creativity. The steps obviously are simple that include just typing keywords and niche.

Also, you can find a range of Print on Demand t-shirts as well or use the t shirt maker tool to create your own. People promote their designs on Facebook ads to attract potential customers.


All you need to do is type your niche and few keywords in the search bar. Also, few promotional keywords like sales, limited offers can help narrow your research. Analysing the date of the post helps to figure out the latest promoted designs of t-shirts.

Considering Pinterest, typing certain particular keywords helps you to search for the latest designs you desire to watch.

If you are a cat lover, there are over thousands of t-shirt designs available.

Furthermore, you can find lots of designs on Placeit. These designs are full on style and  cool ideas to fill you with inspiration.

 2. Amazon Merch

Finding T shirt designs through Amazon Merch is a great option for people conducting T shirt market research for your chosen niche and creating your own custom t shirts.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch is a good option as it provides you with cool t-shirt designs. The most interesting part is that it is all for free. You can search designs based on keywords that you enter or marketplace it was uploaded to or type of merchandise without spending a penny.

Search results on Merch show designs, items sold, price and brand. However, the results might not be 100{e68b7490c33b031e176c2bf33b49addad56d24bced82f0be9f22b910d6b7f66c} accurate.

3. Etsy

You can find unique mug and shirt designs via Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace for handcrafted products. Print on demand options is also available on Etsy.

Your work is to just type keywords in the search bar and in a few seconds amazing and cool designs start to pop up.


Also, to make your search more fun, try adding joke + niche or niche + another niche. This will definitely help you come up with amazing and unique t shirt printing ideas.

Plus, for better insight on designs preferences by people check out reviews. You can analyse designs appreciated by a particular age of people and use it for your own good.

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4. POD Platform

Continue your search for great t-shirt designs ideas by looking on POD platforms. Here, POD refers to Print On Demand.

You do not need to create a website to check out designs on those websites.

This marketplace offers you the option to post your designs there and you can earn if someone likes and purchases it.

It is a great medium to find cool designs for your t-shirt market research. Steps including typing chosen niches with keywords and you are done.

A platform known as Teeview combines ideas from marketplaces- Teespring, Sunfrog and Teezily.

Few marketplaces of this category are Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Snorg or Skreened.

5. Google Images

Google images is one of the easiest ways of searching for t-shirt designs. Try out a combination of keywords and  start looking for designs that you find appealing.

Few keywords could be Niche + funny, Niche + Joke, Niche + Quotes, Niche + Slang.

Moreover, you can find designs not just by looking for t shirts but hoodies, mugs and other designed products.

Google Images

Tip- Avoid using copyrighted images as its usage can cause legal issues for you. Otherwise, you could be dragged into a lawsuit that you might not even be aware of.

Furthermore, combination of quotes with professionally designed t-shirt designs on Place It provides you with more designs. You can use these results for receiving more inspiration.

6. Reddit and other Social Platforms

Conducting t-shirt market research via Reddit and other social platforms can influx a huge number of designs.

You are definitely bound to found something related to your niche on these platforms.

9 GAG – This platform publishes and curates jokes on a variety of niches.

4 Chan – This platform resembles Pinterest. You do not need an account on this site to have access to feed. Plus, people comment heavily on posts. Check out comments as they might be useful for you.

Reddit – This site is divided into a lot of different communities. Check out posts with the highest number of replies and comments to get better designs in sight.

You need to be creative and flexible to convert ideas on hoodies, mugs or other products into t-shirt designs.

There are a whole lot of comments that include funny quotes posted by normal people. You can use them freely for your t-shirt designs.

However, it can be a little tiring or overwhelming to find the suitable one with so much convos going on. It can just be found by luck.

7. Combining Niches

This is a cool and great way to check out new ideas that you might not have found in the first place. Give your designs a unique touch and aesthetic feel by combining a variety of niches together.

So here is an example, type niche plus birthday month of a customer that becomes your target customer actually. Adding a quote and birthday month can help to connect emotional connections. Also, this makes buyers feel special and they may suggest their friends as well.

Another example can be choosing the job of a person and a family connection. This particularly targets a set of people but chances of purchases are much higher.

With the above platforms mentioned, continue your t shirt market research with much wider horizons.

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