9 Ways To Optimize Your Youtube Video For More Engagement

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. However, Google precedes YouTube in the ranking game.

Ok, that was just a random fact. But, why I said that lies in the question ‘why should you create videos on YouTube?’ It is a great marketplace for marketers, content creators, problem solvers, and artists.

Many youtube viewers love some videos so much that they use video to download them. People even use youtube mp3 converter download to download music.

YouTube has 122 million daily users. It has 2.29 billion users worldwide. You can surely find your user base from this huge YouTube population.  But, to rank in the YouTube search list, earn more views, and earn more subscribers, you need to read this article.

You need YouTube video optimization tips if you want more views and make your videos more clickable to the viewers.

In this article, I have given some tips to optimize your Youtube videos to increase your audience and Youtube runtime.

YouTube SEO

SEO refers to the practice of organically increasing the ranking of certain content in a certain SERP. The SEO strategies are ever-changing; you always need to be updated to the latest changes of the search engine algorithm.

In the case of YouTube, you need to optimize the video. This is unlike Google, which links websites and pages and ranks them higher in the SERP. Therefore, Google SEO and YouTube SEO differ from each other.

In google, you use keywords and links. But when using YouTube SEO, you have to optimize the channel, videos, thumbnails, and playlists.

Ways To Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Optimizing your videos on youtube is not easy. If you are just a new content creator, you need to know about the Youtube algorithm and how videos on YouTube rank and trend. Here are some of the youtube video optimization tips.

1.Run A Keyword Research

The search engine is getting cramped with a new creator, and products are entering the market. SO, if you want to rank in the YouTube SERP, you need to pick a potent keyword with a good search volume. It would help if you found a good keyword in your niche.

For keyword research, you can use the same tool that you use for SEO or PPC. as an example-

  1. Free Keyword Tool by Wordstream.
  2. Google Keyword Planner.
  3. SEMrush or MOZ.

2. Use The Keyword In The Video Title

Youtube audiences tend to look for videos using the title. The most common searches on youtube include commercial, informational, transactional, navigational, and many more. Therefore, you have to understand your audience’s search intent and use the targeted keyword in the video title.

3. Include The Keyword In The Video File

When it comes to search results, youtube applies many methods of how a video ranks. There are many suggestions for using the Keywords in the video file you post on YouTube. It is a good way to increase the ranking of your YouTube videos and get more traffic.

4. Optimize YouTube Video Description 

For more views and ranking in the youtube SERP, optimizing the youtube video description is crucial. A youtube video with a solid optimized description has a higher chance of attracting more audience than a video with no description.

You need to update the videos with descriptions, subtitles, and close captions and thumbnails; this way, you will get youtube to reevaluate the video and increase the chance of its ranking.

Make sure to add the keyword within the first couple of words of the video description. Completing the video description when posting is good for increasing viewership and ranking it in the youtube SERP.

5.Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a smart way to get the attention of your viewers on Youtube. Youtube lets you use hashtags using the related terms of the keyword. The hashtags help the searcher find solutions to their query across different platforms.

Tags increase the visibility of the key trends on Youtube; this way, tags help in increasing the traffic in a certain video or a channel.

6.Use Video Categories

Youtube lists videos based on the different categories. Therefore, the Youtube feature categorizing all the videos is an important ranking factor. You can choose from- music, sports, films and animation, education, entertainment, news and politics, gaming, How-tos, and many others in the categories list.

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 7. Thumbnail

While youtube can make a thumbnail from any part of your video, you can also add a custom-made thumbnail. You may feel no need to create a custom thumbnail, but it is one of the key factors of ranking your videos on Youtube SERP.

Viewers like to scroll through their youtube feed. When you create an attractive custom thumbnail, the viewers click on the videos. Many videos have higher runtime because of the thumbnail alone. So, I suggest that you create a good thumbnail before posting it.

8. Make Appealing Youtube Content

Many other YouTubers will offer the same content that you are offering to your audience. But, if you want them to stay, you need to add something extra.

So, you can make the content more interesting and appealing to your audience. Your audience loves to see a smiling face when talking about something. Of course, adding some humor and entertainment won’t hurt.

9.Use Playlist

If you have a particular type of video that falls under a series, then it is good for you to use the Youtube playlist. When a viewer clicks on the video in a certain playlist, there is a good chance that they will click on the other videos in the playlist.

Using a Youtube playlist optimizes the overall user experience in the channel. So, I incitingly recommend optimizing your youtube playlist.

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Asking the viewers to take actions like commenting, liking, and subscribing to your channel has a positive effect on your channel. Apart from all these YouTube SEO tips, there are some more. But using these tips at first would be the best way to start optimizing your youtube channel.

Kacee Christian is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of Exclusiverights. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Techrab, Newsstoner, Worldnewsinn, Truehealthtips, Techmagnews,