Know about Important facts of Sync Outlook Contacts


Outlook People is a cloud-based contact list. You can find it within your Microsoft Services. Non-cloud contact list that you can keep moving from device to device, and Outlook people can serve as your cloud-based contact list.

Your list of contacts can be viewed on, and it is common to access and manage your contacts through Outlook desktop software on Windows and Macs or through its mobile apps. Here, you can learn about how to sync Outlook Contacts

In this blog, we will tell you how to get the most out of Outlook People. It includes how to set up, as well as some special tips and tricks to regular success.

Setting up Outlook People

You can easily configure an account for free at, or if you have money, you can use a paid-for Microsoft Office 365 business account. You can choose an option from on-premise Exchange, a hosted Exchange and hosted online with a service like GoDaddy or Microsoft.

It will store a list of curated contacts required to be managed efficiently in Microsoft’s Software and applications on your phone, tablet, desktop, and across your business apps. We will explain how to sync outlook Contacts list to your smartphone’s standard address book.

Know about Microsoft Office Best Practices


  1. What’s the difference between Google vs. Outlook

Outlook People and Google Contacts are used for the same purpose to store contacts in the cloud, and It can be used across multiple platforms. If you are already a user of Microsoft apps, it makes sense to use Outlook People. If you are using Google apps, then you can stick with Google Contacts.

If you’re an active user of both platforms, you can learn How to Sync Outlook Contacts to ensure your contacts are continuously up to date. Google provides a huge kind of service.

  1. Organize your contacts using folders

The default option is Contacts, and it is very helpful to set up separate folders with contact folders. It’s best to separate your contacts into subgroup folders, and they have no more than 10k contacts each.

One thing about the folders is that they can come with sharing permissions. It means you can transfer contacts within your team.

When you access your contacts through a mobile device or the web, you cannot move a contact into a different folder. When doing this activity on an iPhone, you can toggle the visibility of other folders by going into groups.

  1. Structure your contacts with categories

It is very essential to know how to sync Outlook Contacts. You can use the colour categories to group associated items within Outlook, including the option like emails, notes, contacts, and meetings. You can also apply in more than one colour category. But, important is that colour categories are similar to tags.

Outlook comes with the default categories. You can rename these categories according to your business requirements. To select a colour category from the reading pane, you need to categorize from the tags group on the ribbon according to your requirement and select a category from the list.

  1. Share your contacts

The Exchange Administrator can configure contacts settings, and then contacts can be shared between work partners. If you don’t access an Exchange Administrator, you can transfer contacts by doing the following steps to know how to sync Outlook Contacts.

  1. Go to the Contacts tab and then right-click on your Contacts, and choose the Share option, then give the folder permissions.
  2. In the Permissions section, you can add or remove users that have delegated access to your calendar.
  3. Now, add a new delegate, choose the Add button, and search for the desired user by the last name. Under the Permissions section, heading select the level of detail that you provide to the user.
  4. Then, you remove a delegate and select the user and choose the Remove option.
  5. Tap on the Apply option and then press the OK button.
  1. Method to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Outlook People

On the Outlook Web interface, you can search and delete duplicate contacts by using the “Clean up contacts” feature.

  • Then, go to >> People >> Manage >> Clean up Contacts
  • Outlook people can clean up the contacts

Then, you can see that the cleaner and more organized your inbox, the easier it will be to find specific contacts.


In this article, we already discussed the facts of Outlook Contacts. It is a time taking process and also a highly complex process. If you want to know a quick solution to Sync Outlook Contacts, you can also read the informative blog on how to sync Outlook Contacts. This blog provides valuable information on this topic.