Best Animation Tools For Android and iOS 2020

The demand for animated visuals has been in demand recently and everybody uses content that includes emojis, animated images, animated videos, GIFs, etc. The animated visuals are not only attractive and have a great deal of creativity and entertainment.

Owing to such an increased demand for animated visuals there has been a drastic rise in the number of animated tools for iOS and Android which people use.

People who are looking for the best animation tools for iOS and Android in 2020 have reached the correct place. Walkthrough the article to know which animated tool suits best to your requirement.

5 Top Animation Tools For iOS and Android Apps in 2020:

1. Toonstastic:

Toonstastic is an amazing animation tool for Android and iOS that creates animated content like cartoons, photos, game designs, 3D animations, add characters, play videos, record voice.

It has an easy to use interface which makes it easy for the user to understand and use the app effectively.

  • 3D tools for creating your own animated characters.
  • Ability to export videos.
  • Easy sharing with your loved ones.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Availability of digital storytelling facility.
App Specifications:

Version: 1.0.5

Version: 5.0 and up for Android and 9.0 or above for iOS

1 Million + Installs.

2. PicsArt Animator:

Awarded the Most Entertaining app for 2017, PicsArt Animator is a stunning animation tool for Android and iOS. It has an easy User Interface that enables users to create animated content with minimal effort. With the help of this best animation tool, users can easily create doodles, GIFs, animated content, Cartoon videos, etc.

It is a bundle of advanced features like drawing tools, duplicate frames, layers, animated stickers, emojis, etc.

  • Draws animation in a frame by frame manner.
  • Ability to create animated selfies.
  • Equipped with advanced sketching tools.
  • Ability to use an animation timeline to move through the different screens.
  • Complex multi-layer animations.
  • Easy sharing to social media.
App Specifications:

Version: 3.0.3

5 million + installs.

Require 4.0.3 or later version for Android and 10.0 or later for iOS.

3. Flipaclip:

Use the best animation tools for Android and iOS and bring life to your visual content is used by many graphic designers. This interesting and effective animation tool makes frame by frame animation in an easy manner.

Experience the best video making and animation creation and create movies, sketches, animation, storyboard telling content. It provides easy sharing of content to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

  • Support animation formats like Image SEQ, GIF, MP4, etc
  • Easy sharing on social media platforms.
  • Easy to use User Interface.
  • Provides video animation tools.
  • Ability to create videos along with the audio.
  • Create animated photos, videos. GIFs, etc.
App Specifications:

Version: 2.4.7

10 million + installs.

Require 4.4 or later version for Android and 10.0 or later for iOS.

4. Animation Desk:

Animation Desk is yet another animation tool in our list of best animation tools for Android and iOS in 2020. It is equipped with the most advanced tools that make sketching a cakewalk.

Animation Desk helps users to create a vast range of animated content with the users of its 40+ digital brushes. This not only makes the content amazing but also produces unique content.

Using Animation Desk, users can easily import/export images from the gallery of Android phones and create animated content with it.


  • It comes with an easy to use interface.
  • Users can use 40+ digital brushes to create animated content.
  • Create a multi-layered animation.
  • Provides onion skinning.
  • Easy file management to make the entire user experience smooth.

App Specifications:

Version: 2.5.5

10 million + installs.

Require 4.1 or later version for Android and 9.0 or later for iOS.

5. Animate Free:

Install this handy animation tool from our list of best animation tools for Android and iOS in 2020 and give an added spark to your visual creation. It has a simple interface and effective features.

Animate Free is easier to use an animation app where even kids can use and enjoy sketching. Using Animate free you can easily create multiple scenes, clips, and characters and is useful for professional animators, students, game developers, storyboard artists.

  • Creates animation clips of 32 frames in each clip and up to 20 files.
  • Easy functions like copy, paste, reset, mirrors are available.
  • Provides easy character selection.
  • Provides easy props selection.
  • Provides easy user skin selection.
App Specifications:

Version: Varies with device

10 million + installs.

Animation is the new trend and most of us like creating animated content nowadays. While there are smartphones in the market that can help you create animated content, you might feel the need to use an animation tool if you want to be more creative. We have tried to jot down the best animation tools for Android and iOS in 2020 and make the most of them.

You must choose the app according to your needs and what content you want to create. After you know the exact needs, you can easily choose any one of the 5 apps mentioned in the article and enjoy creating animated content.


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