15 Best bfree sound booster for windows 10

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A good music is the sign that we are in a refreshing mood. Further, if the music on the system we are playing the songs is amplified and have amazing boosters, it helps us to enjoy the music better.

Though there are various apps in the market that helps you in listen the music videos in high quality but here we will list you with 15 Best bfree sound booster for windows 10 that will definitely help you in achieving the best output. These are absolutely free and will not cost you any penny.

bfree sound booster for windows 10

So, let’s start with it. Also, keep in mind that the list provided below is not exhaustive but only illustrative and you can find other apps also in the market.

15 Best bfree sound booster for windows 10

#1 Equalizer APO

If you are wondering as to which booster to choose, you do not have to worry at all because Equalizer APO is one such app that will let you enhance the quality of the music in Windows 10. It comes with a lot of amazing features that offers good sound while you are watching anything on Netflix.  It is easy on your CPU usage and carries low latency. The user interface of this app is also very simple and will not let you have any problem while using it. Further, since the app is open source, you will get a lot of features through which you can explore various new things.

#2 Ear Trumpet

This app is yet another app that will help you in getting an amazing sound experience in your Windows 10. There are various features attached with it and some of them are as follows-

  • It helps you to control the default audio device with a couple of clicks.
  • Matches the look and feel of windows.
  • Integrated with Feedback Hub.

#3 Boom 3D

Boom 3D is one of the best app and a perfect equalizer for Windows 10 and even Mac. By using it, you will experience a lot of features and will have a lot features to explore for. Some of the notable features of this equalizer are as follows-

  • This sound equalizer Windows 10 offers full control to fine-tune your favorite music.
  • Helps you to increase the volume beyond its regular limits safely
  • Audio across various devices
  • App volume controller
  • Amazing and powerful audio effects
  • It offers you a thrilling game experience with nasty effects caused by ambient noises being filtered out.

#4 FX Sound

It helps you boost the sound of your PC and let you experience an amazing music system. Further, it is free of cost and will not cause you any problem while using it. Further, other notable features of this equalizer is as follows-

  • Helps you to restore lost quality with 32-bit floating-point processing
  • Helps you to boosts audio signals
  • Allows you to improve the volume of your computer
  • Get high-quality audio in minutes.

#5 Equalizer PRO

This equalizer helps you achieve a lot of new things like you can easily play any type of sound in your Windows 10. The overall audio output will be enhanced and there is no need to adjust the sound band separately. Further, other features of this equalizer are as follows-

  • Enhance your bass tone settings without masking it
  • Boost low tones and helps you to enhance the overall audio output
  • You can enhance the overall audio output without adjusting each band separately.
  • This Windows equalizer allows you to create custom presets to use with your programs.

#6 Bongiovi DPS

It is a software technology that offers you a lot of sound enhancing features. It will let you explore a lot of new things and some of the notable features are as follows-

  • Offers a new User Interface
  • Frequency Visualizer
  • It is one of the best free equalizer for Windows 10 that allows Stereo Enhancement Controls
  • More control with updated Bass and Treble EQ

#7 Voicemeeter Banana

This app is an audio mixer application and offers you a lot of amazing features. You can easily manage audios of the computer in many ways. Other notable features of this app are as follows-

  • Advanced Virtual Audio Mixer
  • Universal Virtual Audio Device to connect everything
  • This Windows10 equalizer provides parametric EQ and Audio Recorder

#8 Audio Equalizer EQ

This tool helps you to adjust the volume of the sound. Further, you get a lot f features attached to it. The tool helps you to get the perfect sound on any site on the web. Other notable features are as follows-

  • You can create greater sound quality using this online equalizer
  • YouTube equalizer while watching videos or adjusting levels of sound effects.
  • It offers you the best sound quality.
  • Helps you to boosts audio signals
  • Allows you to improve the volume of your computer
  • Get high-quality audio in minutes.

#9 Graphic Equalizer Studio

This tool helps in getting a real time experience and thus gives you a lot of features to explore for. It is absolutely free and comes with a lot of features which are listed below-

  • Provides automatic calculation of band frequencies with Octave selector.
  • This Windows10 equalizer offers programmable frequency selection with independent Band Calculator.
  • Configurations saved in two convenient locations for reloading all project data.
  • Automated Equalization of live audio.

#10 Breakaway Audio enhancer

Breakaway Audio enhancer equalizer for PC provides complete audio control over music, videos, web browsers, and games. Other notable features of this app are as follows-

  • Automatic adjustment of volume dynamics and Equalization.
  • Provide a feature of Multi-band dynamics processing to restores spectral balance to your music library.
  • Multiple look-ahead peak limiters provide distortion-free transient.
  • This graphic equalizer for Windows 10 helps you to adjust volume dynamics and spectral balancing.

#11 Wave pad audio

This is one of the best equalizers that gives you a lot of options like record and modify the music, voice, and other such things. Other essential features of this app are as follows-

  • It supports many music file formats, including MP3, WAV, VOX, WMA, GSM, etc.
  • Batch processing features allow you to apply effects and convert thousands of files as a single function.
  • Audio restoration for noise reduction and click pop removal.
  • Edit the audio from your video files.
  • This audio enhancer works directly with MixPad Multi-Track Audio Mixer.

#12 PC Equalizer

It is another best free PC sound equalizer and it comes with a lot of features which are listed below-

  • Expand or contract Stereo using Pan processing
  • Multi-Delays feature will help you to create a wide range of Echoes, Delay, and Reverb.
  • All preset will appear automatically while the user controls Equalizer.
  • Offers an option to launch on startup to minimize to the System Tray

#13 Room EQ

This app helps you measure and analyse room and other loudspeakers and offers you a lot of features which are as listed below-

  • Fast and accurate analysis of room acoustics and audio performance
  • Options to use a loopback connection or another speaker as a timing reference.
  • Offline measurement mode features allow you to respond to be generated from imported sweep recordings.
  • Real-Time Analyzer with up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • The impulse response can be displayed with an octave, or one-third octave filters applied.
  • This sound equalizer for PC allows frequency-dependent windowing.

#14 GOM Media player

It provides many interesting features, like 360 degree player, 360 degree VR mode, various interface skins, snapshot option, etc. This sound booster basically provides two methods to boost audio, namely, Volume and Control Panel. You can play audio and video in any format and you will not have to face any problem in it. Because it comes with advance settings like filters, 3D effects, audio effects, output device settings, etc.

#15 Clementine Music player

Some of the features of this app are-

Search: To search music on PC as well a on Internet.

Library: To add and manage music files.

Internet: This option lets you download music from various online sources, namely: Icecast, Jamendo,  Dropbox, Amazon cloud, etc.

To access these tools, just open Tools drop down menu and select Equalizer option. Thus, you get a lot of features while exploring this music system and help you record and amplify the music in various volumes and quality.


Thus, these are some of the best sound/ volume equalizer that comes with a lot of interesting features and let you amplify the sound quality to a great extent. Further, there are various other features also that are attached to it like you can record and modify audio. Also, since, all these softwares and apps are free of cost you do not have to incur even a single penny and you will enjoy the music in your PC.

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