Elegant Flyer Design Trends for Beautifully-Advertised Business Events

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When organizing a professional event, outstanding business flyer design is crucial. It is the primary way that people will learn about your event, and so it should do justice to your brand.

Your flyer needs to be eye-catching but not garish, businesslike but not boring. It should draw people in and spark their curiosity about your event. Good advertising leads to good results, so you need a well-designed, elegant flyer to encourage people to attend your event.

But where do you start? How do you think of good flyer designs?

Never fear. We’re here to help. Here is a list of some elegant flyer design trends to help you create a beautiful advertising campaign for your business event.

Different Fonts

Your typography is a massive part of what will make your flyer stunning. Don’t just pick one font at random and run with it. If you want to set your flyer apart, you can use a variety of different fonts.

Make sure, though, that you pay attention to harmoniousness when choosing fonts. For example, serif and sans serif fonts will complement one another seamlessly. Bold, clean-lined fonts go well with italicized fonts that are more traditional.

For an elegant flyer, a cursive or calligraphic font is a good choice, but make sure it’s easy to read. If people can’t read your advertisement, it won’t be very effective.

Color Gradients

Color gradients are a classy way to incorporate a pop of color into your flyer without looking garish. They’re vivid, blend beautifully, and provide a perfect background for text in any font. It isn’t hard to see why they’ve become one of the most popular flyer design trends.

For a professional event, it may also be a good idea to use your brand colors in your color gradient. This will help to solidify your business in the minds of the people who see your flyer and attend your event.


If you’re looking to design a flyer online, a good way to make them stand out is through animation. Sometimes animation can be gaudy or corny, but if done properly, it can add just the right amount of class and elegance to your flyer.

One way to incorporate animation is through parallax scrolling. This is a fancy way of animating the images in your flyer to scroll at different speeds, giving it a sleek and sophisticated feel.

Geometric Shapes

Using geometric shapes in business flyers is a tried-and-true method. They are classy and precise, intricate yet simple. If you’re looking for elegant flyer designs, you can’t go wrong.

They also hold the viewer’s attention and encourage people to keep reading, as repeating shapes and lines can catch and direct the eye. You can see some examples of this and create your own using free flyer templates.

Pastel Color Palettes

Sometimes, bright and vivid colors can be too loud or overwhelming f you’re looking to design an elegant flyer. Pastel color palettes bring a sense of peace and comfort to your flyer as well as a dash of sophistication.

Using pastel colors is a good way to give your flyer a fresh, modern look while still retaining its elegance. You can use a whole host of classy colors, like sage green, pewter blue, mauve, or champagne.

Learn How to Create Your Elegant Flyer

Creating an eye-catching and elegant flyer for your professional event is absolutely critical. If you make use of these trends, you’ll have a beautifully-advertised event that is sure to bring in a crowd.

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