How To Record YouTube Videos On Windows And Mac For Free With RecordCast?

Through numerous surveys, it has been seen that the interest of the crowd is expanding quickly towards watching videos instead of reading text content. Today, about 69% of individuals like to watch videos to become familiar with a specific service or product.

It is obvious that individuals usually go to YouTube to watch any sort of video content. It isn’t just the second most visited platform in the world but also the second most utilized social network, which is explored by 34.6 billion guests month to month.

In any case, when we are using YouTube, we usually go over an intriguing and engaging video which we might want to download for future use. As YouTube doesn’t give an immediate video download button, individuals generally go to Google and look for a YouTube video download programming or online screen recorder.

Rather than utilizing YouTube video download programming or online electronic devices that might be brimming with a lot of ads or where the danger of client data being taken is high, you can utilize a free screen recorder.

This article will introduce you to the most proficient method to record YouTube videos for free without downloading any programs. It’s the RecordCast screen recorder.

What is RecordCast?

It is a video recording plus editing service that can be used completely free of charge. With this free screen recording tool, you are able to record your gameplay or create a tutorial or a product demo in just a few mouse clicks. You don’t need to install the app, and no membership registration is required, so anyone can feel free to use it.

How to use

Let see how to record the computer screen first.

How to record

  1. First, select Start Recording. Here you can select the webcam and screen recording type. This time, I will select Screen Only.
  1. Now that the recording settings have come out, we will set the microphone and system audio to be recorded this time.
  1. On the recording selection screen, you can select individual applications as well as the desktop.
  1. When the recording is finished, the confirmation screen for the recorded data will appear.
  2. When you press the download button, the video in WEBM format has been downloaded.

How to edit

When you press the edit button, you will enter its built-in video editor. Here, you can add images, logos, ready-made video clips, music, etc., to the editor and adjust their properties to make it the best fit.

Let’s put a title at the beginning of the video. Click Text and select the appropriate font and animation. Then adjust the style, size, color, position to your liking.

What I love most is its animated element section. RecordCast gives users more than a million animated elements in its video editor, divided into many different categories: the arrow, social, shape, promo, bubble, business, emoji, number, and many more. You can search a specific element with a keyword or browse all the categories to find one that meets your needs.

With the RecordCast video editor tool, you can also adjust the background to your video and apply overlay or freely adjust the time duration of each object you add to your video. Since it is a Timeline-based tool, it’s very flexible to edit every detail in your video.

Export video

Are you satisfied with your video now? If not, continue editing it. If you are delighted with everything, click on the Export button to download your video to your computer in MP4 then.

It offers three options for the final video quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p. To get the high definition of your final video, choose 1080p. It’s free.

My impressions

The recording was very easy. Although the video editing function is still the BETA version, I was impressed with its features of a large number of animated resources and the flexibility it has.

Are you still looking for a screen recorder to record YouTube videos? RecordCast can help with that.

This free online screen recorder can help you record everything on your computer screen in HD with high voice-over quality at the same time. Due to its video editor, you don’t need to go any other were to download extra video editing programming.