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Do you wish to identify where your keywords are circulating on Google? You might be curious to figure out what keyword you should work on, do a website rank check on your placings. If you understand what your site rankings do, you perceive where to go with SEO. Staying able to keep a good SEO needs a solid website rank checker, enabling you to stay on top of the rank. In this post, we will present some of the best free keyword rank checker tools, making it easy to build the path to your keywords.

And if you also have a wish to check google rankings quickly with these tools, then be happy because we have got you covered! Today, we will take you to the point where you can achieve the high levels you desire. So, without wasting time in any long speech, let’s get into the flow of information!

Google Ranks or Keyword Ranking: What is it?

Keywords and Google ranking go hand-in-hand! You have to realize the connection between them. Firstly, let us explain what keywords are? – The selection of terms enrolled by people in the search engines to get desired results are indicated as keywords.

Possibly, if you are an owner of a website, then it is necessary to examine various words that viewers can insert! After investigation, stuffing keywords appropriately in your website’s content could give you the advantage to rank in SERPs. Once you have done it, with the aid of our Google rank checker, you can compare your rankings.

Essential SEO Techniques:

Now, you have got the basic points! Let us explain to you some essential techniques to perform SEO tactics on your site. Firstly, keep in mind, SEO techniques are the only solution to reach a high search engine ranking. Inside these techniques, keywords present an active role. Consequently, it is crucial to find out how high their Google ranking is.

Accordingly, a keyword ranking checker is imperative in investigating keyword production and connecting them to your webpage for stabler Google ranks. Now, you might be wondering about the ways to search the ranking of keywords. It can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but is here to get everything easier. It is time to talk about the most reputable website rank checker tools.

Top FREE Rank Checker Tools Compared Best For 2021!

After putting in hours into trying and testing various tools, we have gathered a shortlist of the most reliable and 100% cost-free tools. So, if you are also in search of the best keyword rank checker tools, then give a read to the below list! is an old and fantastic tool, allowing the most reliable service to check Google Keyword Ranks for free. If you desire to grab the desired audience, SearchEngineReports.Net is a must for you. This keyword rank checker is serving billions of freelance writers, web developers, and SEO experts. This rank checker offers multiple tools for the optimization of sites.

The key feature of this website rank checker tool is it provides many premium SEO tools for 100% cost-free. It is not only a keyword rank checker. It is a comprehensive set of useful SEO tools. If we talk about its keyword rank checker, then it is quite the same as SERP’s. Users have to enter the URL, choose a search engine, and ten keywords per search. With one click, you will get the best-fit results in no time! 

Another excellent tool is here! is a reputable Google Rank Checker tool designed to examine SERP regularly for any place and language. presents full-featured tools for a website audit, additionally gives competitor reviews, Google’s ranking position, and backlink monitoring.

It is a cloud-based program for professionals working in the marketing department. It also provides extra features that will keep you satisfied and comfortable! The key feature of this tool is that it lets you control up to 5 of your opponents. You could monitor your keyword rank in contrast to theirs. The platform can automatically identify your top 10 rivals too.

Last in order but not of importance! is the third-best tool that provides a comfortable environment for rank checking. Users do not have to learn any specific training for utilizing this website rank checker. This keyword rank checker and other tools accessible on are built, mindfully so, users do not face any difficulty. Besides, this site offers all aids without charging a penny. The steps you need to know to use this tool are as follows:

  1. This tool enables you to monitor either by URL or by keyword.
  2. If you want to go with a keyword, add the particular domain and pick your desired search engine. And press the Check button to obtain the results.
  3. If you want to search by URL, drop the desired URL and check keyword rankings. Simple!

So, this is how you can check SEO Ranking and Page Ranking Online for free in seconds!