The Best Hidden Features on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is among one of the most used social media applications due to its fun and exciting features. Now that social media has become intertwined with our daily lives, it will be an added advantage to effectively use apps like Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Using Facebook means you will most likely have the Facebook Messenger app for a better experience. Facebook Messenger assists Facebook, especially in the communication aspect. Apart from the usual texting, voice calls, video calls and posting you most likely do on the app, you will be surprised that there are other amazing features.  In this write-up, by working with expert social media analysts from assignment writing services, we will discuss some of the hidden features on Facebook Messengers that will make you use the app for a safer enjoyable experience.

  1. Sync Facebook events with your Google calendar

This is a very useful and invaluable feature when used efficiently. There are ways to add your planned Facebook events like birthdays and important dates to your Google calendar. You can input your Facebook details manually into your Google account. However, there is a more effective alternative means. First, go to the event you clicked “interested” and click on the three-dot icon. This icon enables you to export the event to your computer. You can then go directly to your Google calendar and import the file and tada! Your event dates syncs with your Google calendar automatically.

  1. You can use messenger video rooms for webinars.

A feature was created for Facebook Messenger during the quarantine period due to the spike of the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, the usual app for hosting webinars or large-scale meetings is Zoom or Google meetings. However, now you can host meetings or correspondence with about fifty people on Facebook Messenger video rooms. This makes the social connection with people you know easier. Before you can access this feature, make sure you update your Messenger version to the latest.  By tapping on an icon at the bottom right corner, the messenger app gains access to your camera and its features. After gaining access, you can schedule to launch meetings in the messenger video room.

  1. Save to watch later

On Facebook, you gain access to numerous contents, some of which you might not be able to find once you swipe past them. However, with the “save to watch later” feature, you can easily remedy that problem. If you find content that you like, you can use this feature to save it for later. At the bottom left of your Facebook page, you will see a three-horizontal bar feature. By clicking that icon, you can watch saved videos several times.

  1. Customize the names of your friends and family members

If you are a person that prefers saving the names of people you know with their nicknames to promote familiarity, then Facebook Messenger has the perfect feature for you. So, to make your chats cozier or warmer, there is a feature on Messenger that allows you to save your Facebook contacts with their respective nicknames. To use this particular feature, tap on the “information” icon at the right corner at the top of the chat you want to change. You can then re-save with the desired nickname you want.

  1. Share your location

Instead of painstakingly describing your address through a text or call with a certain feature on the Facebook Messenger app, you can comfortably share your location. Fantastic, isn’t it? With a few taps and clicks, you can easily inform others of your current location. As usual, to gain access to this feature, there are specific procedures to follow. To access the location feature, tap the four-dot icon on the keyboard of the specified chat. After tapping on the specified icon then press the “OK” feature that comes up to share your location. Note that this feature has a 60-minute limit, after which it stops sharing your location.

  1. Transfer Money

Note that this feature only works for Facebook Messenger users that reside in the USA. With the “transfer money” feature, as the name suggests, you can share money with other people without leaving the messenger app. To use this feature, tap on the three-dot icon. If it’s your first time, you will be required to add your credit or debit card details for future transactions.

  1. Alternative access to the “settings” feature

Instead of accessing settings, you can alternatively use another option to access the “settings” feature. To use this feature easily, click on your profile photo in the messenger app at the top left corner. After clicking that, you will gain access to numerous settings, such as changing the interface of the app to dark or light mode, disabling your recent activity settings, and even other privacy settings. From this section or shortcut-to-settings feature, you can delete spam or unwanted messages.

  1. Use Messenger on your computer.

Most mobile apps are now creating the computer equivalent of their apps or sites. Apparently, if you didn’t know, Facebook Messenger has joined the club. If you prefer accessing your social media accounts from your system, then you will enjoy this feature. You can use Messenger on your computer. It comes with a unique feature that allows you to message your Facebook friends without the interruption of the news feed.

To sign in to Messenger on your computer, go to and sign in with your Facebook account and you are good to go. The only difference between the mobile app version and the computer version is that there is no search bar for the computer version. \

  1. Play games

Facebook Messenger is already an entertaining app, but you can take the entertainment to another level with the games feature. On Facebook Messenger, you can play games when you are bored with your friends. You can play addictive and thrilling games such as words with friends, Pacman, Snake, 4 pics 1 word and even solitaire on Facebook Messenger. Challenge people to play games with you by starting a conversation, then clicking on the plus icon. There, you can select your games.

Final thoughts

Social media is ever-evolving at a fast rate, each evolution more exciting than the last. An example of such evolution is Facebook Messenger. By reading this article, you would discover features you most likely don’t know about the Facebook Messenger app.

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