Track your kids location without them knowing

Parents these days are concerned about the online and real-life safety of the children. Therefore, the heating argument gets exchanged between children and parents, because parents feared to allow teens and kids to go outside at a specific time. The reason behind the fear and worry is the presence of sex–offenders in the surrounding neighborhoods and on the social media presence of the children by using cellphone devices.

Parents are unable to know to whom kids and teens are going to meet in real –life and via cyberspace. It is alarming for parents these days that they cannot stop children to use mobile phones and to go outside with their supposed friends. However, rather than just putting pressure on children you can still keep an eye on your kid’s location all the time without them knowing using smart cellphone tracking software.

What is the cellphone tracking app?

It is an application particularly developed for the surveillance of mobile devices of kids. Parents can install it on their children’s cellphone devices and get access to the online web portal and use features that empower parents to track live GPS location of the children without them knowing.

Furthermore, users can use plenty of other features to track kid’s cellphone like their activities on social media, text messaging, call logs, and parents can record phone calls to know to whom they are talking at the moment.

In addition to that, you can remotely control your kid’s cellphone, block messages, internet, and incoming calls. You can also monitor browsing activities and last but not least multimedia shared and voice mails on social media platforms.

Parents can monitor social media to know to whom they talk and what kids are planning with their friends. It gives you complete information about your kid’s routine activities and in the end, you can easily track a phone on teen’s whereabouts when they are outside the home.

Compatibility – Cell phone monitoring software is compatible with phones and tablets running with Android OS devices. You can use it secretly on the target device to track the GPS location of the kids without them knowing.

How to install a phone tracker app?

If you want to know about the hidden whereabouts of kids and pinpoint location no matter what place at you are at the moment, then you need to subscribe for the mobile phone tracker software by visiting the OgyMogy webpage. You will receive an email after having the subscription and get the credentials.

Furthermore, you require physical access to the target device of your teens once only. Once you can start the process of installation, it can activate it on the target device. After activated cellphone surveillance software on the target device, then you have to use the credentials and get access to the web portal. Now you can further get access to the location tracking app and other features to gather information on the target device via an online web portal.

Cellphone monitoring app to track the kid’s location without knowing

  • Live GPS location tracking

Users can remotely go through the target cellphone device using the online web control panel. You can activate the GPS tracker tool. Once it is activated it enables users to track the live GPS location of the children with pinpoint accuracy showing you the location virtually on the MAP.

  • Location history tracker

You can remotely activate the location history tracking software on the target cellphone device of children and then further get to know about the daily location history and weekly location history virtually on the MAP without them knowing.

Parents can easily get to know at what places teens are used to staying. It helps out parents to track the hidden whereabouts of the teens and they can keep an eye on their teen’s GPS location all the time.

  • Geo-Fence

It is one of the best features of cellphone tracking software that empower parents to create a circumference around the virtual location of the teens and give you instant email notifications when kids and teens try to enter or leave the fence. It means parents can mark safe and restricted places for the teens virtually on the Google MAP.


The cellphone tracking app is the best tool for parents that enable them to track the kid’s location without them knowing.