Your Guide To Spotting An SEO Scam

Seo solutions are very much in demand business, which leads to unfortunately more digital marketing scams by SEO agencies and freelancers who try to scam profitable businesses to earn money. They are trying to believe us with unrealistic results and use black hat tactics to cheat. It’s very easy to hide behind the computers and make companies face a huge loss in finances. Seo companies have gotten a very bad reputation due to those scammers.

Before, it was very easy to spot SEO scammers as they have very little knowledge and easily get caught, but as the digital world evolves and scammers become smarter, it is difficult to find who is right and wrong.

It is pretty convincing fake talks about search engine ranking strategies and talks to us about the safe quality links. If you are not used to SEO, it is hard to find a good and a bad company. There are few signs which make you not fall into the scam of SEO.

You have found yourself a victim of emails that say “increase your rankings” or sales pitch, but before you sign any digital firm, know about some major red flags that show danger. You deserve to work with an SEO partner that truly understands your business and optimized it. So let’s look at some tips by digital marketing agencies in Austin that spot SEO scammers and understand the value of your money.

No one can promise a number 1 ranking

An authorized SEO agency like a digital marketing agency in Austin can promise you about the ranking on the first page in a certain period with some keywords, and it’s not a red flag; it’s a combination of skill and chance. But, for a competitive keyword and number 1 ranking on Google within a short period, you need to watch out for a guarantee. You must opt-in for top seo course for more details.

It is essential to know the truth that no one can guarantee you meaningless rankings. Another thing you need to think of about the guarantee is that different industries require different amounts of time to work effectively on strategies.

Competitive industries take longer to show results, and if any freelancer or an agency promises you the results without asking or mentioning anything about the industry. You should be very skeptical about that. Don’t fall over these faulty marketing schemes, and you may be caught under larger issues beneath it and result in huge financial loss.

Submitting website to thousand of search engine

Only a few search engines in the market share take over 99{e68b7490c33b031e176c2bf33b49addad56d24bced82f0be9f22b910d6b7f66c}, such as Google, Bing, and yahoo. A lot of Seos will try to attract you by telling you that we will submit your website to thousands of search engines that, in real life, don’t matter or may exist at all.

You may have received a proposal too that claims they will submit your website with a list of search engines, and if you look carefully, then those listed are fake or haven’t existed for years. It’s not a mean-hearted scam; it’s just a marketing scheme as they probably submit to many search engines and it doesn’t worth your money and time.

In some cases, they are just spam centers that put your website on many random email lists and directories.

Beware of thousands of scam link building

A link acts as a vote for your website, and a quality backlink is an important factor for your website to rank as per google’s algorithm. The quality link means it is relevant to your website and comes from trusted sources.

Now, think that any agency offers you thousands of links to your website overnights and make an unrealistic promise of improving ranking. It seems like it promises a political candidate to get thousands of votes overnight, seems shady, right! This is what scam SEOs do.

The quality link can not easily be received; it is an organic process. The best SEO companies like marketing agencies in Austin can do a lot to build relationships with the industry and optimize content that helps them to promote and link back to you. And any agency that promises you is probably doing low-quality backlinks. If it increases like this, then it seems that you are manipulating rankings, and it may hurt your business.

Google Penguin algorithm designed to detect unnatural link or link-building schemes, and it automatically devalues all of those links and penalizes websites for not showing natural link profiles. And if these happen, not only does it waste your money on worthless links, but to fix the website link profile, you have to spend more, and it’s not easy and cheap.

Scam of 30-day Free trial!

Fake Companies will offer free services for 30 days, and yeah, who doesn’t love a free trial? It gives us time to test, and after that, if we like, we would proceed further to buy it. Yeah, free trials are valuable for tools and software but don’t allow yourself for free SEO service.

Giving access to your data or website and maybe credit card information is what you’re giving them to do whatever they want. It seems like go ahead and get control of a ride while you are at it.

If it even works, then 30 days of SEO service won’t give you long term results. Don’t waste your time with these stupid offers. Experience SEO will not offer to do it at all. It is recognized that it takes at least four months in a year to improve business and then see what the benefits are.

We have secret SEO strategies….Really?

Seo is complicated, and no one knows exactly how the algorithm works. It is ever-changing and massively complex; there is a lot to tell between keyword searching and content optimization.

Despite the complexity, successful SEO comes from industry experience, testing and information, and proven techniques. Best practices for SEO are well researched and documented that there are no secrets.

Suppose any SEO company claims to have a secret strategy and won’t outline their process or a specific plan for your business like website audit or link building strategies. In that case, they are probably doing nothing or use tactics that negatively impact your ranking.

Google will deindex your website if any violations are found, as you are only responsible for the actions. It is best to be sure while hiring any marketing agency.

Ambiguity about pricing (Inconsistent price)

There is nothing as standard pricing for SEO services. Any legal and authorized agency will easily provide you with cost estimation based on your needs. If you find high-quality SEO that is vague about pricing and offers a price below the industry rate, then it must probably be true or a sign of artificially inflated costs.

As SEO’s price is related to the quality, scam SEO companies will claim that they will do better in less, and the truth is good services of Seo are not cheap, and you don’t want that you caught investing in black hat services.

Also, be aware that Seo offers two to three times more than the going rate. It is a trick to appear better than actually, they are. Try to find an average price and see Seo somewhere near that range.

Note: Digital marketing agencies in Austin worth partnering with will provide a portfolio or list of references you can contact. It is a very straightforward tip that has no references than no further business.

Let me give you quick, actionable tips that help you spot the difference between a real and scam SEO.

  • Don’t get impressed by the certificates and awards that represent quality, which is not awarded in reality; they might be purchased. Make sure that they are relevant and within the past 2-3 years.
  • Seo and content are inseparable in today’s world. If you are focusing on the best SEO service, make sure the content should be in the conversation. You can’t do SEO without quality content.
  • Anyone can get a list of clients but reach out to them with reference and ask about the work they have and they are satisfied or not.
  • If the SEO company only talks about links and doesn’t care about high DA/PA or author link or anchor text, please don’t look for this agency for SEO service.
  • See onsite and offsite SEO of their sites. Do google them and check if they have any scam reports or not.
  • Look, are they good at explaining and convincing about the strategy? If they promise you instant results, they might not understand SEO as, in general, it takes 3-6 months to improve the search engine rankings.


It is stressful to look out for an agency that is good at servicing, as there are several scams to keep in mind, but after all, it is worth it in the end. There are many quality solutions waiting for you to help. Digital marketing agencies in Austin will be helpful and, most importantly, will deliver the results. We improve your chances of ranking and visibility. We have an expert team with affordable and effective SEO solutions.