5 tips to get better at Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty is a fast-paced game. It requires a lot of concentration, tactics, and strategies to perform well. Moreover, players face a lot of challenges as they move on the map. For instance, in the “Fireteam,” mode, you’ll be fighting off 39 other players whose goal is only to shoot and kill without mercy.

So, if you’re a beginner, we expect that you’ll struggle to meet up for some time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t scale up faster, especially with undetected cold war hacks.  Also, there are some pro tips we’ve gathered from advanced players to help you out. So keep reading to learn more.

Black Ops Cold War Tips

1. Fine-tune the settings

One important thing you have to do for better results is to tweak your hardware settings. Many games require different settings from others, and that should be your first concern. Firstly, tweak the mouse sensitivity to either high or low. But since you’re not at the pro level yet, set your mouse to lower sensitivity. At that level, you can make small but precise movements. Also, you can avoid overshooting and also make necessary adjustments faster and easier.

But when you’re using a high sensitivity, the opposite becomes the case. You will have a hard time controlling your mouse pointer as even the slightest movement of your palms sends it across the screen uncontrollably. Other settings to touch are your Motion Blur, Audio, and FOV. According to professionals, you need to increase your FOV, turn off the motion blur and place the audio at high boost. 

2. Master your surroundings

Before fighting in Cold War, it’s better to know your surroundings. This knowledge comes when you study the available maps in the game. The maps are smaller but still contain choke points and lanes. So, take a little time to identify the lanes and points to move to and the ones to avoid. Some of the maps you’ll fight on includes, Cartel, Armada, Crossroads, Checkmate, Satelite, Garrison, Miami, Moscow, Raid, Nuketown 84, Nuketown 84 Holiday, Express, etc. many of these maps hold the 6v6 fights where two teams of 6 players will be fighting to the death. But some supports both the 6v6 and 12v12 cold war fights. So, any mode you’re playing, check the map it features and study it before the game. Another reason to study the map is to identify where the enemies are spawning from to protect yourself appropriately.

3. Practice your Movement and Aim

Playing better in COD means you can move strategically and also aim accurately. The game is all about killing or being killed. Therefore, anything that will expose you unnecessarily should be avoided. But these movements and aiming accurately are too tough to learn. That’s why you need to practice them often through the custom games where you have bots to shoot.

Thankfully, COD allows you to customize a free-for-all game where you can fight with docile bots. Your target should be shooting as many of them as you can. Also, learn how to duck fast behind cover as you shoot. Also, practice jump shots as they can help you dodge enemy bullets while shooting them. You will perfect your aim and enter the main game prepared to face the music as you keep practicing.

4. Study how the professionals play

One other way to level up your Black Ops skills is by watching the professionals. There are many ways to do that without spending a cent. When you check Twitch or YouTube, you will find your favorite gamers displaying their skills for all to watch and learn. What you need to do is watch them playing and try noting some of their tactics and strategies. When you’ve seen how they do it, go back to your game and implement everything you’ve learned. There are many top COD players that you can find by asking Google. When you find them, visit their channels and start learning today. As you keep studying and practicing what you learn, your skills will improve dramatically. Remember, they put in the work to reach that level. You can as well pay the price too.

5. The weapons make a difference

Another important thing that you need is good weapons. Fighting a war without the best will put you at a disadvantage amongst your enemies. Therefore, according to professionals, focus on using the Meta weapons first and later explore the off-meta ones.

Some of the weapons to consider at this stage include TEC-9, FARA 83, Burst-fire rifles, AK-47, MP5, etc. You don’t want to face enemies with weak weapons while they have the best in the game. So, ensure that you fight with the best.


Playing Black Ops Cold War is usually difficult at first. Many beginners often jump into the game and start running around trying to score some kills. But unfortunately, such actions can only result in a quick death. So, if you want to last longer and enjoy more victory, play strategically by using our tips above.