9 best and fun online games for kids

Doubtlessly, parents are always concerned about their kid’s nurturing. They always try hard to provide them with all the luxurious facilities. From clothing to online games, they always pick the best thing for their kids. Over time, parents accept that online video games have a positive impact on their children’s growth.

Some online games are meant for educational purposes, while a few are for fun purposes. Henceforth, they add gaming time to their children’s schedules. When it comes to online games, you have a myriad of options.

Among all these options, we select a few best and most fun online video games suitable for kids of all ages.

  1. Super Mega Mini Party

1. Super Mega Mini Party

Organize the private mini-party and give an invitation to your kith and kin to play this series. The players have the opportunity to explore outer space and play games around a campfire. Additionally, you kids also get the chance to hang with cute penguins.

But to play this game, you will have to get a subscription. If you want to play this game free of cost, you can find it on 1337x mirror.

  1. Mario Kart Tour

As it is a free game, you can easily download it from the play store for your kids. You can give the challenge to your toddler of a race Mario and its gang. The players can add their friends to the account or play against strangers.

Additionally, parents get access to this and avoid unauthorized charges. Mario Kart Tour is a perfect game for kids above four.

  1. Clue

The clue game is known as Cluedo, which is a murder mystery game. In this game, kids have an opportunity to create a private room and start playing games. To download this game, you will have to pay approximately $10.

In this game, kids have to figure out the killer before committing a crime. More than six players can play this game, ideal for 8+ kids.

  1. Pictionary

Its traditional version is prominent among all the kids. You may also play this game in your childhood. One player has to draw an object in this game, and other players need to guess that object. When it comes to its virtual version, player

A can draw the picture by using a pen and paper. Further, players will have to point out the camera on its drawing. Besides this, you can share the screen with another gamer. It is all about guessing the phrases on images. Players have a few minutes or seconds to answer.

  1. Star Wars Battlefront II

If your kid loves Star Wars, it is a perfect game. The kids have an opportunity to express their emotions by using emotes. Additionally, the locations and characters are similar to the characters of films. It is an action shooter video game with commendable graphic work.

This game does not have an in-built voice chat system, but you can still communicate with your friends using different online services. 

  1. Splatoon 2

The striking highlight of this game is its colorful characters. There are various levels in this game that kids have to clear. Each level is better than the previous one. As a result, kids’ curiosity will also increase with each group. To win this game, players will have to cover the area of fields by spraying the paints on walls and floors.

Splatoon 2

With the Nintendo Switch smartphone app, players can proceed to voice chat while playing this game, splatoon2. Aside from it, gamers can consider another third-party app like skype for voice chat.

  1. Fortnite

This iconic game is free to download and compatible with all mobile devices. As it supports crossplay, kids have an opportunity of playing their game with their friends on other systems. Additionally, this game is ideal for kids and adults too.

If you want a break from your schedule, you can play this game with your kids. In this game, users will connect with ninety-nine players across the globe. You can enable voice chat to enhance the gaming experience.

  1. Terraria

This action game enhances players’ creativity. It is a blend of super Mario bros and Minecraft. Players can access the 2D levels as well as fight monsters. They can craft materials and establish constructs across the globe.

Players can get in touch with more than seven other players, which create different opportunities for fun, safe, and multiplayer action.

  1. Rocket League

It is not hard to understand the rocket league game. The content of this game is based upon the hot wheels, Fast and Furious, DC comics characters, and many more.

While playing this game, players can drive different vehicles on open soccer fields. More than eight players can play this game together.

Final Verdicts

So, these are nine games that are ideal for your kids. You can do deep research on games and then download the game for your kid. Due to it, your kids will utilize their spare time in playing the game.