Cpi V. Dpi: What Is The Difference Between Cpi And Dpi?

Whenever you buy a new mouse for your computer, it is important to know about the term DPI and CPI. The meanings of these two terms are essential to be known by the buyers so that they have adequate knowledge about it. Further, CPI and DPI becomes even more crucial for those who are into gaming.

Now, people are often confused regarding the both terms. Though, for people involved in gaming, both the terms are synonymous, but if you want to become more professional, then it is important to know the difference between the two terms as they hold their own importance.

CPI v. DPI, are both synonymous

CPI stands for Counts per Inch and refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. To make it clear, it is count of number of steps that the mouse takes while moving physically through one inch. Thus, higher the CPI, higher is the sensitivity of the mouse to the movement of the users. Thus, while purchasing a mouse, you need to look for that mouse that has a high count of CPI.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch and basically refers to the number of the dots that the mouse takes when placed in a line within a span of one inch. It is the measure of the spatial printing or video dot density. Thus, it also, in a way, talks about the sensitivity of the mouse and refers to how many pixels that a mouse can take while moving in one inch.

The difference between DPI and CPI is that DPI is used when it comes to printing things and is defined as the count per print and is related to the printers and other printing techniques, and CPI refers to that mouse that is used in the gaming industry.

Why DPI is used rather than CPI?

Now, according to the studies and researches done, it is accepted that the term that should be used is CPI and not DPI. But on the contrary, the term that is widely used is DPI. It is obvious that when you are using a mouse, it is the sensor that plays an important role, so the correct term should be used as CPI.

The reason is that companies prefer to use that word that it thinks the general public will easily comprehend, and for this very reason, the most widely used term is DPI. This is most common in the gaming industry, as you must have seen people taking about the DPI switch. But in reality, the term that should actually be used is CPI switch.


From the discussion deliberated upon above, you can easily comprehend that the correct term that should be used is CPI and not DPI but the general public and the companies have created a myth amongst people. So, from now onwards, if you are willing to buy a mouse for your computer, you must look into the CPI counts and not the DPI counts.