How to Fix Dev Error 6068?

What is dev error 6068?

Dev error 6068 is associated with the famous game known as call of duty modern warfare. This is a popular game with millions of users all across the world accessing it. No doubt it is an excellent game but it has some major imperfections. There are many errors in the call of duty modern warfare.

Dev error 6068 is one such error that you may encounter while playing the game. This error can cause your device to crash or blacken the screen. Therefore it is is a serious and troublesome issue.

this error usually comes with the link that tells you how to get service support and indicates that something un oblivious is happening with the game or your device.

Some basic reasons for this error to occur might be that the settings and functions of the game might be too high in accordance with your PC specifications.

The below-mentioned content in this article will tell you the solutions that you can act on to delete the Dev error 6068 modern warfare.

How to Fix DEV ERROR 6068?

SOLUTION 1- Facing DEV ERROR 6068? Try running the app as an administrator.

The first solution to overcome Dev error 6068 is by running call of duty modern warfare as an administrator in your device.

Step 1- Open the battle launcher and launch the game.

Step 2- After the game is launched, click on the options menu on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3- A drop-down menu appears. Click on the show in the explorer option.

Step 4- Multiple files are located here. Find and click on the call of duty folder. Then click on the call of duty file.

Step 5- Click on run as administrator from dropbox.

Step 6- Run the call of duty game.

SOLUTION 2- Facing DEV ERROR 6068? Try deactivating NVIDIA.

Overlay features with programs can also cause Dev error 6068. For programs that have overlay features, there is a need to deactivate them to fix the error. Below mentioned are the steps how to deactivate it:

Step 1- End all the call of duty-related processes via task manager after exiting call of duty.

Step 2- Launch GeForce Experience on your device.

Step 3- A drop menu appears on the left side of the window. Click on the General tab.

Step 4- Amongst all the functions, find the In-Game overlay option and set its status to OFF.

Step 5- Save the changes and run your game.

SOLUTION 3- Facing DEV ERROR 6068? Run commands.

Dev error 6068 can also be triggered by corrupted files that are associated with direct x. Remove this error you can run SFC/ DISM commands. The steps for running these commands are listed below:

Step 1- In the search box type cmd and then right-click on the command prompt option and select run as administrator.

Step 2- A new window appears. Type SFC/scannow on that window and click enter. Jo command will be executed and the program will automatically detect, fix and scan the corrupted files on your computer.

Step 3- For running DISM follow the same procedure except enter the command DISM/Online/Cleanup/RestoreHealth.

SOLUTION 4- Facing DEV ERROR 6068? Modify the game windows.

If you feel Dave error 6068 while using multi displays, you can tackle this problem by changing the game load from normal to borderless. Steps to do so are listed below:

Step 1- launched call of duty and then click on settings. Select the graphics option.

Step 2- The next window that appears, select the full-screen borderless option.

Step 3- Save these made changes and run your game.

SOLUTION 5- Facing DEV ERROR 6068? Try updating your windows.

If your game is still facing that error, try updating your windows to a newer version so that the software matches the level and functions of the game.

The steps to update your windows are mentioned below-

Step 1- Open windows settings by pressing the windows+I keys on the keyboard.

Step 2- Type update in the search box that has appeared and look for all the latest updates.

Step 3- On the right side of the next window click on check for updates, and then the system will automatically do the needful of downloading and installing the updates for you.

Step 4- Try running the game.

We hope this article helped tackle the problem of dev error 6068.