How to recover your files from Android? – Android recycle bin

When you are using your phone and then you did a mistake by deleting some important files. Now, you desperately want your deleted files back. In this situation you will first search for a Recycle Bin on your phone. You might know that there is a recycle bin in your computer where your deleted items are stored in a temporary basis. In this case you can recover your files which you have deleted by mistake.

Same as the computer if there is a recycle bin in your android phone you may recover your deleted files. But the fact is that there is no such function on android devices. So, if you want to know how to recover the files you need to read the full article.

How to recover deleted files from android phones?

To recover deleted files from your android phone you should use Recover from Phone module. Before using this module you need to keep in mind the following details.

  1. You need to check if your android device is rebooted, else this software won’t work on your device to extract the data
  2. This software is used to recover deleted data those are not overwritten by new files. This software is very important and as soon as you delete your files by mistake you should stop using your phone. Otherwise the files will be unrecoverable.
  3. You need to stop using any other android management software, or else this software won’t work on your phone successfully.

Step 1: you need to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Then open the software to enter its main interface. Now you will find two recovery modules. Then select Recover from Phone module to carry on.

Step 2: You need to enable the USB debugging of your device. Different android versions have different interface. So, you need to select the proper version to enable the USB debugging. You will also need to allow USB debugging from the computer where you have to do this operation : check always allow from the computer option on your android and select OK to continue.

Step 3: you will find the device ready to scan interface. Here you will find two scan methods. One is quick scan method where the text data types such as messages, contacts, call histories and whatsapp messages and attachments will be checked by default. You can also uncheck the unnecessary types in this interface. Second one is deep scan method where all the data types will be checked by default, and in this you are not allowed to uncheck the data types which you don’t want to recover.

After choosing the scan method click on next to continue.

Step 4: the software may show you a pop-out window with the default storage location. By clicking on Recover button or on Browse button, you can save the selected files to another suitable path on the computer to save them.

Where is the recycle bin in android?

You may not find any recycle bin in android but you can find a folder in gallery named as recently deleted. When you delete your videos, images it goes directly to recently deleted folder and stays there for 30 days. You can restore the deleted files within 30 days.

How to remove folders from the recycle bin?

If you want to remove all the files from your recycle bin the go to gallery > Recently deleted, and then click on the delete all button to empty the Recently deleted folder.


You can also download an app name dumpster recycle bin for android which allows you to recover your and restore your data in an easy way. It has cloud storage function and also some security features. It does not need an internet connection. It helps you to backup all the files in cloud storage.

Google Photos app

  1. Install Google photos app and open it
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select and hold a paragraph or video which you want to remove from your device.
  4. Now at the highest right, tap on Trash and move the files to trash.


This article is all about how to remove or restore your files from trash or recycle bin in android phones. You will also find ways to store your data in a secured place from where you won’t be able to misplace it.

Hope this article helps you and solves all your queries.