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Productive Ways for Getting Backlinks without Guest Posting

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Getting backlinks to your website is an essential part of every smart SEO strategy. Promoting your stuff by spreading it all over the internet is an effective way to consistently driving traffic to your website. However, guest posting is the best way to promote your links. Still, they don’t come with the surety to get linked backed to your site while putting much effort into creating the content.

Content is king; however, a king needs a kingdom and people to rule on. Backlinks give your king content that free space to rule on. Hence, having a decent amount of visitors on your site is always profitable and impacts your image for the long run. There are still some useful and productive ways of getting backlinks without guest posting. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Update & share content on social media

Create a fantastic social media strategy to promote your content, reaching a good number of visitors. Write an engaging content and share it on every available social media platform while boosting posts sponsoring regularly. Social media buzz is going to help you with building a fan pool and reaching your targeted customers by 20X more. This is the easiest way to get backlinks without guest posting.

2. Ask or answer questions on different platforms

We all have heard about platforms like Quora, Yahoo answers, Reedit, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Medium. All of these websites are an excellent opportunity to get yourself noticed to a reasonable number of audiences.

Participate in resolving a query or initiate a healthy discussion by asking some relevant questions. Include links to your blogs and site with a CTA to make sure people click through it.

3. Interlink your blog articles

There may some of your blockbuster pages or blogs that are getting your maximum traffic. Take advantage of them by updating your new links on that page to get the maximum benefit of your previous efforts.

The fruit ripping strategy has a tricky work to get it done, but it will require good site navigation and maintenance along with SEO of website. Hence, make sure to link every post to other post and over time, you will have a productive network of built-up backlinks on your site.

4. Blog Commenting

Some WordPress blogs have an HTML no-follow attribute to prevent spammers and irrelevant comments. While some don’t have this limitation and are known as do-follow blogs. Hence you can use the advantage of do-follow blogs to comment and get backlinks to your site.

Check for do-follow, no-follow comment links and post a relevant comment along with the link of your blog post to get benefited with the reputation of those websites.

5. Run promotional deals

Start a promotional offer that enables users to have a physical gift or voucher. Just make sure to make posting a link back to your site as an entry requirement. The link may be done as to follow you on Twitter or Instagram or liking your page on Facebook or even posting your blog link on their community. By this, you will have all the backlinks, followers and friends to you.

6. Get Deal with a Newbie

Many fresh bloggers and freelancer are working out there to get attention and collaborations. Help them out by inviting them to write guest posts on your blogs highlighting your features, products, and services and providing backlinks to their site in return. You can also let them write positively about you on their blogs as well. By this, you will have a mutually beneficial relationship with future entrepreneurs.

7. The skyscraper technique

The new skyscraper technique is one of the best strategies to get backlinks to your site. You just have to identify what questions your content should address to get to the top of the SERP get the attention of authoritative outlets to get them interested in your content.

  1. Find a post with thousands of backlinks for the high ranking of your targeted keyword
  2. Write a more updated version of the content with authentic data
  3. Make sure your article is answering all possible FAQs
  4. Publish your content that is better, unique, up to date and original
  5. Pitch your post to the sites that were linked to the original one

Follow the above steps to get to the top of the search results organically and get citations to your blog posts.

8. SEO link building

Keyword strategy is an evergreen SEO strategy to follow if you want to get searched naturally and get the initial response from the audience. Get the most cited but unique and less competitive short and long-tail keywords.

This will make your chances more to get to the top of search engine results. Google keyword planner is the best tool to get the algorithm of keyword related searches with demographics and statistical trends. Make the most use of it.

9. Make e-commerce useful

If you are a seller on an e-commerce site, then you have an excellent opportunity to get a good number of traffic to your site. Don’t link a product or services page directly on these platforms; just get the informative post links that seem useful but get the right customer to you.

For example, if you’re selling an “Anti-aging cream with Vitamin-C” than you can write a post on “10 Best Benefits of Vitamin C for a Healthy Skin” and link back to your post or your product page as “For further details read out this post”. By this, you will get your customer directly to your page.

10. Sharing is caring

As mentioned above in tip six that a mutual deal of linking can benefit both parties, try to incorporate established site links into your post as a reference or ask for permissions if necessary to those site before using their stats or quotes and give credit to them. Your sharing deed may come back to you as well, and they may like to pot your link into their post someday. That is going to benefit your site more than you can imagine.


There are other many ways to get backlinks to your website without guest posting like link bait posts, and writing up for notches. Although some are risky, some are wastage of time, but most of them are worth giving a try.

Make a list of available opportunities and grab them one by one to get your links spread to the web all around. There are more possibilities then hassles; it just needs a dedicated mindset to find the right places to promote your content as a smart content marketing strategy.

Amanda work as a content executive at Dissertation Assistance, she specialize in writing for psychological and business growth blogs.