Sally’s Credit Card Benefits And Login In 5 Easy Steps

Sally’s Credit Card, often referred to as the “Sally Beauty Rewards Credit Card,” is a financial product designed to offer benefits to loyal customers of Sally Beauty, a well-known retailer specializing in beauty and cosmetic products. This co-branded credit card is typically issued in partnership with a financial institution and is designed to provide rewards and exclusive offers to frequent shoppers at Sally Beauty stores.
Sally's Credit Card Login

The Sally’s Credit Card is known for offering various advantages, such as cashback rewards, discounts, and special promotions when customers use the card for purchases at Sally Beauty and sometimes at other participating merchants. The card is tailored to enhance the shopping experience of beauty enthusiasts and professionals who rely on Sally Beauty for their beauty and cosmetic product needs.

Benefits Of Sally’s Credit Card

1. Rewards Program: Cardholders can earn rewards or cashback on their purchases at Sally Beauty and, in some cases, at other participating merchants. These rewards can be redeemed for discounts or free products, offering tangible savings.

2. Exclusive Offers: Sally’s Credit Card holders often receive exclusive offers, promotions, and discounts that are not available to regular shoppers. These special deals can lead to significant savings on beauty and cosmetic products.

3. Special Financing: Some versions of the card may offer special financing options, allowing cardholders to make purchases and pay them off over time without accruing interest, provided they meet specific terms and conditions.

4. Online Account Management: Cardholders can access an online portal to manage their credit card accounts conveniently. This portal typically allows users to review transaction history, check account balances, make payments, and track rewards.

5. Birthday Benefits: Many co-branded credit cards, including Sally’s Credit Card, offer birthday perks such as discounts or bonus rewards, adding a personal touch to the cardholder experience.
Sally's Credit Card Register6. Early Access to Sales: Cardholders may get early access to sales events and product launches, allowing them to grab their favorite beauty products before they’re available to the general public.

7. Brand Loyalty: By using Sally’s Credit Card, customers can demonstrate their loyalty to the brand and unlock additional benefits as a result of their continued patronage.

8. Credit Building: For those with responsible credit card usage, Sally’s Credit Card can contribute positively to their credit history, potentially leading to improved credit scores over time.

9. Flexible Payment Options: Depending on the terms of the card, users may have flexibility in choosing payment options, such as minimum payments or full balance payments, to suit their financial circumstances.

10. Security Features: Like most credit cards, Sally’s Credit Card prioritizes security, implementing measures such as encryption and fraud protection to safeguard users’ sensitive financial data.

Register Sally’s Credit Card Online

1. Open the Sally Beauty Credit Card account management website by clicking on this link.
2. Click on the Register Now button in the top right corner.
3. You will be required to enter your card details, such as your Credit Card Account Number, Last Four Digits of SSN, and Zip Code or Postal Code.
4. Click on the Find My Account button.
5. After Comenity Capital Bank verifies your identity, you’ll be able to create your login credentials.
6. Select your Account’s Username and Password.
7. Click on Confirm button, and you’re registered!

Sally’s Credit Card Login

Step 1
Open the Sally Beauty Credit Card account management website by clicking on this link.

Step 2
Click on the red Sign In button.

Step 3
Enter your Account Username and Password.
Apply Sally's Credit CardStep 4
Again, click on the red Sign In button.

Step 5
You will be directed to your Sally Beauty Credit Card account dashboard.

Forget Sally’s Credit Card Login Password

1. Open the Sally Beauty Credit Card account management website by clicking on this link.
2. Click on the red Sign In button.
3. Click on the hyperlinked text Forgot Password under Sign In button.
4. Enter your Username, Last Four Digits of SSN, and Postal Code or Zip Code on the following page.
5. Click on the Find My Account button.
6. After identity verification, you can change your password.


Sally’s Credit Card, also known as the “Sally Beauty Rewards Credit Card,” offers a range of valuable benefits to its cardholders, making it a compelling choice for beauty and cosmetic enthusiasts. This co-branded credit card enhances the shopping experience at Sally Beauty and other participating merchants by providing opportunities for savings, rewards, and exclusive offers.

The advantages of the Sally’s Credit Card, including cashback rewards, special financing options, exclusive discounts, and online account management, underscore its role in supporting customers’ beauty product purchases while fostering brand loyalty. It aligns with the trend of co-branded credit cards that cater to the specific interests and needs of loyal shoppers, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

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